#FancysThoughts: My First Eyebrow Threading


rsz_img_0699There’s nothing like freshly arched eye brows to me, but for me personally, finding someone who understands angles and how to create a subtle arch can be rather difficult. Initially I was introduced to arching with a razor, though scary I loved it! When I moved to Baton Rouge, I didn’t trust anyone enough to allow them to use a razor and most I went to didn’t offer the service, so I began getting them waxed. It hurt a little but I grew used to the pain, and it was quick.

Since I’ve moved I hadn’t been able to be directly referred to someone. Whenever I’ve asked about arching everyone suggested threading and told of how it lasts for about 4 weeks. Both waxing and arching seemed to have lasted longer to me in the past, but everyone seemed to use that as a selling point. Some also said it didn’t hurt.

I decided to try a beauty kiosk, Brow Art 23,  that offered threading in Perimeter Mall since it’s near my stylist’s salon. When I walked in someone else was already in the main chair which was titled back at an angle. I could see the technician leaning over her doing something but I could not understand fear at first. I noticed she kept reaching for a string around her neck but only later understood this was part of the process. While waiting, I learned that threading was an old Middle Eastern beauty technique. Many consider it to be safer because no harmful chemicals are used. A few minutes later the client who was in the chair brows were done. Then it was my turn.

The technician was Middle Eastern and though she spoke English did not seem fluent. I tried explaining how I’d like my brows arched, stressing I didn’t want those pointy triangles looking like I’m asking infinite questions. I was then leaned back in the chair as the technician leaned over me. Because I could not see what was clearly going on before,   I expected her to putt  some type of lubricant on my face, BUT… That never happened. Instead she instantly began to rub what I first thought was string on my right brow. It immediately began to hurt. I don’t have any tattoos but imagine it must feel similar. I had to brace myself repeatedly for the new waves of pain as they came. Though I had tried explaining that this was my first time, I don’t believe the technician understood. Upon finishing, she said to me, “Beauty is pain,” and smiled, and I’m sitting there thinking, “Hell yea! No one prepared for me this!” However, I’m very pleased with the end result as you can see.
So now, I’ve admitted threading hurts like hell to me, but I’ll probably do it again. I just know what to expect now. Have you ever tried threading? How did you like it? Tweet me or leave a comment under this post and let me know your thoughts.




SN: Excuse the hair and tired look.


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