From the Desk Of a Diva: The Hardest Sale Of All


I hate sales! I know that sounds crazy coming from a publisher, but sales is my least favorite thing. I can get people as excited as I am about something, that’s the publicist in me, but the marketing major in me always seems to be lingering around like “Nah, this is not us.” I have slowly been building up a marketing department, just to make sure this is not something I have to do. It’s actually going pretty well with the help of the team. So in that situation I found a way around, but we cannot find a way around when it comes to selling ourselves.

That used to sound crazy to me. I wanted people to do business with me simply because I think SwagHer Magazine will one day be bigger than Essence Magazine, will reunite the Black community, and help our advertisers to make tons of money. I would often think it did not matter if they liked me or not. Little did I know I was shooting myself in the foot. People have to like you or at least like you enough to want to spend their hard earned money with you. You have to sell yourself first.

  1. Be exciting.- I am not advising you to lie, but I am advising you to be interesting. Going on about you and your brand in a monotone voice, can cause your new companion to lose interest fast. Find those things about your business that you are passionate about and you can’t help but speak about them passionately. Be sure to mention other things in your life you are passionate about as well but avoid, politics and religion of course.
  2. Express genuine interest in others. – I hate talking with people who appear to be listening but show no interest in what I am saying. For me personally, I instantly want to shut down. Why go on when you can’t even pay attention or continue to give cliché responses.  Once you get someone to talking about themselves, they usually open up more. Who doesn’t enjoy talking about themselves?
  3. Be relatable. Make the other person comfortable with you. Discover what you all have in common and the conversation should flow from there.

If it does not, this may not be your sale, but then again who knows. Sometimes, we deal with people we do not care for because they are the only or main supplier. If you have that advantage-hey, go you! However, there are so many opportunities and options around today, people have many choices. Obviously, there is also the risk that you may have sold yourself well but the person does not need what you offer, but keep in mind what we do when we see things we don’t need but later hear of someone else who does. We refer those people to what we found earlier, and that is just as good.




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