Wednesday Wonder Woman: Nicole Thomas



“Finally I couldn’t fight it anymore so I went back to school and I obtained my Masters in nursing with a specialty in Nursing education. From there I begin teaching part-time at a local nursing school, mentoring other aspiring future nurses, educating other nurses whom I work with, and last but not least and my favorite, the patients, that I encountered. Still that wasn’t enough and I knew God had more for me because I was not tapping into my full potential and fulfilling all the things that I loved as a grade school child. I begin to feel as if I was complacent, no living up to my full potential, etc. So I had to tap down into the core of what I love, and I realized I had never did anything with my love of policy,rules, and regulations, and law. So I began to pray and ask God how can I tap into what I love and here comes legal nurse consulting (LNC),” Nicole Thomas shares about the birth of her new venture.


Thomas, the owner of  Impact Nurse Consulting, is our Wonder Woman today. Her firm acts as a resource consulting attorneys on cases dealing with issues such as medical malpractice, personal injury, toxic torts, and forensic cases to help them understand the medical side of the case they are working on.


How do you stay motivated working in the health and legal field?


I stay motivated in the field of healthcare/nursing because it is the core of who I am.  Despite all of the challenges and barriers that  I face as a nurse  and the times I have wanted to walk away from this field due to those challenges and barriers, I can’t because this is who I am at my core. I am a   NURSE. I know this may sound like another broken record, but I have known since 9th grade that I would be a nurse because of my love for science ( specifically how the human body works), my love of caring and taking care of people, and the need to be in a profession that offered me an opportunity to GROW and not remain complacent. Complacency is something that I can not do, I have to continue to be challenged, so that I can grow and learn. Nursing definitely is a profession that allows me to do just that.



So you will train other nurses and also consult?


Through my time in nursing I have developed a passion for teaching other aspiring nurse, which is why I teach on a part-time basis, and teaching other nurses whom I work along side. So I will always teach, train, and mentor other nurses. I have been mentored and taught by some of the best nurses and still continue to be mentored and taught by some of the best, so I have to pay it forward. Nursing is a profession that I am in love with, so I have to do my part and help other nurses. As a kid, the law always excited me because of my love for rules, regulations, and policy. I racked my brain a little after graduating high school to see if I should go to law school to do something with my obsession for law, but I chose nursing instead for the prior reason indicated. So I said well I will just go to law school after I finish nursing school, but didn’t because I got so intrigued with my nursing career and ended up going back to school to get my masters in nursing with a specialization in nursing education instead. But still there was this love for law that I had, so I said ok what are you going to do Nicole. I decided to bridge the two nursing and law and become a legal nurse consultant. I am venturing out on my own and have started my own independent legal nurse consulting business, Impact Nurse Consulting.


What obstacles if any have you had to incur while pursuing your vision?


I have experienced them all, LOL. I had my first child and got married while in the middle of nursing school to then get a divorce about 2 years later. I then remarried my now husband in 2011. I failed a nursing course while getting my undergraduate degree (boy did I think my life was over then, LOL). I have experienced almost every  obstacle of life, being lied on, hated on, talked about, questioning am I good enough, lost my dad 4 years ago, financial setbacks, etc. I have watched my step dad who raised me decline to the ugly disease of Alzheimer’s. However one thing I always did when I faced a obstacle and got knock down, was get right back up and push even harder.


You’re still very young, have you given any thought to what’s next?


Oh yes I have, as I stated before complacency is something that makes me cringe. I have to continue to GROW. When I first knew I wanted to open my own legal nurse consulting business, I went to a business consultant to help me and during that process she was kind of been like a life coach. One of the activities that she had me do was a vision board. She told me I want you to create a vision board of where you see yourself going. You have to visualize the things and start manifesting what visions you have for your life (personal & professional) and watch them become your reality. So that was a start for me on thinking about what’s next for me. Then I created a roadmap for my career with 1 year goals, 3 year goals, 5 year goals, 7 year goals, and 10 year goals because I am speaking what will happen in my professional career into existence. Some of what next for me is managing and maintaining a productive legal nurse consulting business,expanding my nurse consulting business to other areas which include consulting with other healthcare organizations to develop their nursing/healthcare staff from an educational standpoint, obtaining my Doctor of Nursing Practice degree, and writing books (motivational, educational for nurses, how to go from a nurse to a nurse entrepreneur).


How do you balance work and home?


That is a constant struggle because I have a wonderful, amazing, supportive husband and two beautiful kids that I want to spend all of my time with, but on the same hand I have this vision for my life that I know I have to put in the work to achieve. So it is like, ok how can I do and have it all, be an amazing wife and mother? And get my Oprah Winfrey on and get my empire that I want? So I still have not mastered this balance, but this is what I have done. First I had to sit my husband and kids down and let them know, “Look, I love y’all sooooooo much. You guys are my life and for that reason I am going to create a better life for us and in order for us to do that, that means there will be activities that I miss, there will be times when I can’t come to every single school function ( I always send a family representative in my place because I have to support my babies), there will be times that you guys will have to fix your own meals and do your own laundry, but trust me God is getting ready to take our life to the next level, but I have to put in the work.” Then I tried my best to put myself on a schedule ( which doesn’t always work). I attempt to dedicate this amount of time  for work and this other amount of time is dedicated for family/leisure, etc. I often work all day, take care of my family once they get home from work and school, etc. and once they are off to bed, I stay up  on my computer working, researching, networking, etc. I know I will definitely obtain this balance one day, but for now my family and I have been working together as a team to create a better life for ourselves.
What words of inspiration would you care to share with our followers?


Well first and foremost, it is placing God at the head of every single thing that you do. I know for a fact that the will of God will not take you where the grace of God will not keep you. The second is live your life without fear. Think about it, if you could live a fearless life think about what you can accomplish, freedom= fearless. The third thing is if you have anything that you want to do or accomplish, JUST DO IT. Faith without works is dead and as my boy T.D. Jakes said, “If you build it, God will bless it, but first you have to build it.” Next, speak your dreams, goals, and aspirations  into existence. There is power in the tongue. Last but definitely not least, PRAY! PRAY! PRAY!! and believe every word you pray.



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