Savoring My Slice/Taste Of Humble Pie



So recently, I was contemplating all the things I would need for college in the fall, and this reminded me of back to school shopping. Although I am in college now my parents still slide me some money to buy clothes, food, etc. This year I planned to be savvier with my money and shop online. I quickly found websites where I could buy some nice clothes and cute and affordable heels/sandals. However, one of the websites my search engine carried me to turned out to be a very high end and expensive site with designer brand items. But once I was on the page I couldn’t make myself click off. I quickly began scanning and plotting on buying something. In my head, I kept telling myself look that will look cute with so and so, I should just ask for more money… Anecia you need this. That’s where I went wrong. I spent over and hour looking at website with items that were out of my budget and at the end of my search tried to convince myself that they were must haves/needs.

This realization however did not hit me until I came across a post on instagram, where a man who reminded me of mi granfadda (pun intended) was talking about being humble. In this short 15-second video (posted below) he said:


Don’t match the next person who have him big dis and him big dat. The earth here is your bed, and you humble yourself and satisfy. They will have create and covet the person who you see have mansion and believe you must have mansion. Humble yourself.

 What he was saying was simple but it touched me. It can be so easy to get wrapped into materialistic needs and ways of life that you forget about what really and truly matters. There is nothing wrong with wanting nice things, but that want should never become a need. Today I learned to humble myself more and although my eyes love high-end stuff my pockets will not be purchasing any in the near future.

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