Interview with Celebrity Stylist Gocha Hawkins

By: Alliciyia George
For many women, your hairstylist is one of your oldest friends, and that is exactly how it felt talking to Gocha Hawkins. The Atlanta-based celebrity stylist is known for making over Kandi Burruss and Beyonce because her award-winning skills in fiery color, attention-grabbing cuts, flawless make up,and down-to-there extensions make her a trusted name in the hair industry and entertainment business.
Although it was not always her dream to become a hair stylist, she definitely has a passion for it now.
“I went to hair school originally for the financial side because I knew how lucrative this business is, but after a year or two I developed a passion for it. Now it’s been 21 years, and I absolutely love it,” Gocha said.
In a typical day, Gocha sees eight  to 10 clients.
“ I have always had a huge clientele and have been working with celebrities since the 90s,” Gocha said.
Of course only time will tell whether her role in L.A. Hair which premieres this Thursday will bring in even more business to her namesake salon.
During filming she split her time between Los Angeles and Atlanta. She lives in corporate housing in L.A. while filming. She thought about moving to L.A. before deciding that Atlanta was her home. She spent “Monday – Friday for 4 months” in Los Angeles for filming which was suppose to last 11 weeks.
She balances working as a stylist and makeup artist with filming L.A. Hair as she is allowed to bring clients on the show, and she has free time on the weekends to do clients in her Atlanta salon.
When asked if any of her clients requested to be on the show she said “no, not not really, I asked them”.
One thing fans can expect for season four of L.A. hair is a lot of up and downs with drama, and a cast with colorful personalities. Gocha describes her castmate Dontay “as hilarious, never know what he is going to say, when he is not you notice”, Terry as “the uncle at the family reunion”, China is “cool as long as you’re on her good side”, Anthony “is the white/black boy, very funny, he will do anything”,Naja is cool, funny, and a great nail technician, and Kim is an “amazing stylist, strong business woman, very creativity, humble and down to earth”.
 When you watch the season 4 premiere episode of L.A. Hair on July 30th at 10 P.M. EST, “put on your seatbelt, and don’t take it off”.
Gocha says that there wasn’t a big transition from what she is use to at her salon when she walked into Kim’s salon she saw a “very posh, upscale much like mine it is very unique and has a hollywood vibe”
Gocha also noted that she hasn’t had any bad interactions or diva clients come in at either salon. Most people in the entertainment industry feed off  the positive energy in the salon.
She wants her clients to feel a “very trendy vibe” when they walk into her  salon. Clients should expect to see “edgy furniture and happy, bubbly stylist” who are very energetic.
Although she does sometimes wish she could try some of more daring looks for her celebrity clients,most celebrities she works with are use to looking a certain way.
I have asked if they want to try something edgy new color or cut. Kandi has allowed me to go a little daring before.
“Most celebrities don’t let you take them too far out of their element.”
One popular hair trend that she loves is extensions. “ I work with extensions a lot,” Gocha said.  It helps to do less damage to your real hair  when you are doing a lot of straightening and coloring. Gocha has her own hair line named Wrecklez which she launched in 2013. You can buy her hair extensions at
When asked about the premiere date of Atlanta hair, the spin off to L.A. Hair, she said  “the network hasn’t decided on the date for the ATL hair spin off yet.”
“Kim wants me to learn how she does things,so I can take over her Atlanta salon.”
 You can learn more about Gocha by tuning in to season 4 of L.A. Hair on July 30th at 10 P.M. EST or by following her on social media: @gochasalon.


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