Amandla Isn’t Angry; They Mad


While I  passed by many shares of Amandla Stenberg’s posts, I was unaware of what was going on, as I secretly do not know celebs like most think I do. However, I was slightly familiar with Stenberg and the last time she spoke out. What’s funny is, I began reading some of her most recent post and stopped- I stopped because I thought she was being too honest. I did not repost the message because she was speaking on such a serious matter it would ruin the mood. Sad,  I know. However, at the time I did not realize it was The Amandla Stenberg who wrote the post, not realizing she was the young lady who had left the comment under Kylie Jenner’s photo, nor did I understand at that time why Jenner told her to go play with Jaden (Smith), but a quick Google search after reading a blog about Stenberg being labeled the “angry Black girl”  today gave me a better understanding.


I watched her video, Don’t Cash Crop On My Cornrows and was thoroughly impressed with her  knowledge and diction, and all I could think was “Wow and she’s only 16!” As I watched the video she and a classmate made for her history class (maybe social studies) discussing appropriation, I recalled those moments in my life and realized I witnessed these trends and events such as the grills, Eminem being honored as the greatest rapper of all times, and you all know I loved Iggy Azalea’s Fancy, but I was unaware of what was going on.



You can watch the video here.


I then visited her site with hopes of learning more about Stenberg’s background and upbringing because I couldn’t get over the fact that she is 16, and though a Scorpio close to the Libra line. Nevertheless, I was only more intrigued. Yes, I knew she was the little girl from the Hunger Games and that she received a NAACP Image Award, but after reading  the reviews she has been given and learning of the roles she played in the Martin Luther King Jr.’s memorial dedication ceremony, as well as that she has a band, and plays three instruments (violin, drums, guitar), I am simply amazed.


I don’t think Stenberg is angry at all. I think she came into her knowledge sooner than most of us. I think Stenberg is hope for the upcoming generation we all grumble about but do not really know what to do with. Stenberg- at 16- is saying what a lot of us in our thirties and up are too afraid to say. We warn our children and teens about following trends, but when they do not follow trends and attempt to raise awareness in others, they get labeled other ways. I don’t think Stenberg is angry. I think the media is mad is and wants her to be quiet. I say Go Girl! Keep speaking the truth!


Be sure to look for her this season on  NBC’s Mr. Robinson as Halle Foster and did you know Amandla means power?



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