The Subconscious Has No Sense of Humor



Peace be unto you all,
I often have to remind myself of the power of speaking things into existence, although I do believe.  Two Sundays ago, I not only posted that I wanted someone to take me for ice cream in Atlantic Station, but I also spoke it.  This past weekend, I was invited to the movies, and as I got off the exit heading into Atlantic Station, I realized hey- you are going on a date in Atlantic Station! I was good on the ice cream, because I hate eating messy food in public anyway.  Upon realizing this I recalled an audio I listened to last week as well.
In the audio the speaker stressed how the subconscious has no sense of humor. What has that to do with you and I? One must not joke around. Our thoughts and words are serious things. She shared a story of a woman who complained about the maintenance of her big, who would often say she would be happy living out of her trunk. Well she got her wish soon enough. She also shared another story of a woman who always dressed in black like a widow in mourning. The woman met, fell in love, and married a man, but he soon died. As a widow in mourning, she dressed in all black of course.
In my own situation, when I used to go back and forth with my daughter’s father, I would think, “What is he going to do? Take her.” Well, he did. Had I known then what I know now, I would have rebuked those thoughts like I later learned to do in life. Back then I did not understand how we get back what we put out into the universe.
Originally, I was thinking about how I need to be more mindful of what I am feeding my brain, so I began looking for inspirational videos and audios on YouTube. That is how I ran across that audio, which I had heard before but forgotten.  I usually learn and remember better when I read, but since my days are so busy, I am making it a habit to listen to something each morning while working. This also helps me reinforce positive thoughts. This week I encourage you to be mindful of your thought. What may seem like a twisted joke to you, the universe may hear as a call to action. If you have any tips or suggestions as for how you monitor your thoughts, feel free to tweet them to me, 
@FancySwagHer. Until next time…Peace and blessings.

From Fancy w/Love

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