Nothing is New Under the Sun

September 15, 1963 at the 16th Street Baptist church was a day that showed the brutal and harsh realities of segregation and racism in the south. That morning four black girls from Birmingham, AL woke up to what would be their last church Sunday. In 1822 the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston, SC was burned to the ground. Fast forward almost two centuries later to the recent massacre of 9 members in the same church. Has anything changed since the 60s? Is anything really new under the sun?

African-American churches have been a target for white supremacist for centuries. What is a place where a mass number of African-Americans meet; the church. Church is one pf the most segregated times in America, as most races go to church with people of their race. That still does not answer the question of why the church. The African-American church has been a center for not only for spiritual belief, but also a solution center to the countless issues in the African-American community. Since slavery, African-Americans have put a great deal of faith in God to overcome the tragedies of life. To a white supremacist, bombing, burning, or shooting up a church is a way to tear down the mental psyche of African-Americans. They figure that by destroying churches they can destroy the faith that African-Americans stand on.

When the four black girls were bombed, it took decades for those men to be punished. Let us fast forward to the Charleston shooting when Dylan Roof was given a hamburger after he was captured for the massacre of the nine people in the church. A serious of church burnings have followed since the shooting, which is what Roof wanted. Countless dead African-Americans and the most of their killers are walking around free. If you find yourself surprised by the current events in the world just remember that nothing is new under the sun.

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