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The other week, I discovered that I am a complete hypocrite.  When I was in the Army, I lived in central Texas for three years.  I later moved to west Texas and lived there for six years.  Going from central to west Texas is like going to a different state.  Now, the desert environment of El Paso is not for everyone.  My friends stationed in west Texas with me used to say, “I hate Texas”, to which I would reply, “you don’t hate Texas, you hate El Paso”.  I thought it was absurd to judge an entire state by one part, especially a state as vast as Texas (driving from one end of Texas to the other takes about a day).  After all, Texas has some of the most interesting places, and there are endless amounts of amusement.  This little anecdote brings me to why I am a hypocrite.

I have lived in Mississippi for over a year now.  My friends would ask me how do I like Mississippi and I would say “I don’t”.  Then my husband took me on a little trip down to the gulf (I live outside of Jackson).  There, I found the beach and casinos.  I met interesting people, and did some interesting gambling.  Now, there wasn’t a big difference between the central and southern Mississippi environment, but the trip south did give me a new respect for my fairly new home.  The beach is not as busy as the beaches in Honolulu or Miami, but that was part of its charm.  The casinos were not as flashy as Las Vegas, but they were still impressive (especially the Hard Rock).  The place had a “sleepy little beach town” feel that I really enjoyed.  On the drive home, I said to my husband, “I think I like it here (Mississippi) now that I have seen more of it”.  Essentially, I had done to Mississippi what my friends had done to Texas, I let one area represent an entire place”.  I even appreciate my own town a little more.

I guess the point I’m trying to make is this: we live in a world full of hidden wonders.  Before we go demonizing a place, we should dig deeper.  Who knows, there may be something to appreciate after all.

Visiting Gulfport on a cloudy day.



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