The Undercover Charity Couple: Jay-Z & Beyoncé



The Carters are under constant ridicule for not openly supporting issues in the African-American community such as Ferguson or Baltimore. Jay-Z’s friend, political activist, filmmaker, and writer Dream Hampton had enough of the criticism concerning the Carters’ support of issues in the African-American community. Hampton took to Twitter on Sunday and informed the world that the Carters wired over thousands of dollars to bail protesters out of jail in Ferguson. Hampton’s tweets were deleted, but Hampton has shed light on the Carters and the waging war against black resistance.

Are the Carters in the right for keeping their donations and support private? Donations and support should not be broadcast as some celebrities broadcast their donations and support. Maybe the Carters did not broadcast their support, because that would have taken away from the bigger issue at hand. According to Hampton’s tweets the Carters have donated “too much to list” and they also sent money to BLM (Black Lives  Matter) to start and efficiently run the numerous chapters that have started. If the Carters publicized their support, they would receive backlash from inside and outside the African-American community. No one from the Carters side has confirmed what Hampton said is true, but Hampton’s tweet have silenced a great deal of people.

Hampton shed light on the war that black protesters face. When black protestors protest, it creates problems that other groups do not have when they protest. More and more people who protest for issues such as Ferguson are being punished for voicing their opinions. The media has not highlighted the peaceful protest that many groups have held. When groups protest for Ferguson or Baltimore they automatically have a target on their back. The target is the numerous stereotypes that the media have developed about people who protest or support BLM. The media labels BLM supporters and protestors as angry and violent, which it is not the case.

Hampton’s tweets answered the questions surrounding the support of the Carters, but it also left questions unanswered as to why BLM protestors face adversity trying to protest. Hampton has sparked a great deal of outrage,  but  these issues needed to be addressed. When will BLM protestors stop being seen as animals?

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