National Women’s Health & Fitness Week




I can vividly recall the voice of my grandmother as she harped to me about the infamous “Freshman Fifteen” that would creep up during my first year of college. Naively, I shrugged off her warnings as I scarfed more cheese-cakes and ice cream cones down. However, it was not until I ventured from my traditionally market fresh, home grown, vegetable rich town of Springfield, Missouri to the robust, deep fried, and ‘countrified’ Atlanta, Georgia that I learned the true meaning of the saying: ‘You are what you eat.’


Quickly, I expanded from a size four to a size eight. My family was thrilled at my finally ‘filled’ frame, but I was mortified of myself. There have been gradual declines in the waistline since my freshman year. Looking back, that size 4 is a dream of the past. Luckily, there are a multitude of programs and initiatives for women of all ages who may want to lose weight, tone up, or live a healthy lifestyle.


The National Women’s Health & Fitness Day is a program created by the Health Information Resource Center that emphasizes regular physical activity and health awareness for women through activities such as walking events, exercise demonstrations, health screenings, and health information workshops. With nearly 75,000 participants and 500 different organizations across the United States the Women’s Health & Fitness Day has become one of the nation’s largest health promotions. Information for The National Women’s Health & Fitness Day program and its activities are available in numerous states in the US.


The National Women’s Health & Fitness Day takes place annually during the last Wednesday in September. National Women’s Health & Fitness Day serves to women from senior centers, college campuses, retirement communities, and parks or recreational departments. This year, the National Women’s Health & Fitness Day will take place on Wednesday September 30th, 2015. National Senior Health & Fitness Day, which is an older adult health promotion program held by the National Women’s Health & Fitness Day will occur in May. Collectively, these programs are all part of the National Women’s Health & Fitness Week which is held annually the last week in September. For more information, see and see how you can get involved today!


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