Know Your Cadidates

This morning, I found out that Republican Ben Carson will be running for the presidency.  Hearing this announcement just reminded me of how vital this upcoming election will be.  With the civil unrest in Baltimore, terrorist groups operating both here and abroad, and hot topics such as gay marriage and the legalization of marijuana constantly in the media, it is important to know who is running.  But we cannot just look at party affiliation, sex, or race, we are going to have to know so much more. We have to ask ourselves, where do these candidates stand on certain issues?  For example, will they try to get rid of the Affordable Care Act?  How will they respond to the public’s outrage in regards to law enforcement?  Are they going to raise minimum wage or increase taxes?  Republican Rand Paul is for legalizing marijuana, but believes that same sex marriage should be left up to the states, not the Supreme Court.  Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton supports marriage equality, but believes marijuana usage should be left up to the individual states.  These are important factors in the 2016 election.

The most important factor is your feelings about these issues. If you make 100,000 dollars a year, minimum wage may not be a factor in your voting decisions.  However, if you make 30,000 dollars a year, you may want someone that would fight for a wage increase.  You may feel like your health is your business and should not be penalized for not having health care.  Thus, you may want someone in office that will fight to abolish the Affordable Care Act.  Or, you may need it in order to afford medical care, so you want someone who will fight to keep it as policy.

Regardless of how you feel about certain candidates or issues the point is this: a well-informed vote is a good vote.  Even if you vote along a particular party line, know who you are voting for.  If you vote for a particular gender or race, know who you are voting for.  We as citizens should know what we are getting into when we cast our vote.  And all who are able SHOULD vote.  That way we can say, “We put you there, now show us we did the right thing!” or, “We may not have put you there, but we will hold you accountable as if we had!”  These candidates need to know that we are informed, and we are watching them.

I tried to find links on the 2016 candidates that were (for the most part) impartial:


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