4 Tips For Office Organization


ClaimYourSpace4-300x200So we are not in the top office with windows surrounding us just yet, and for many of us, that no longer the dream, but that does not mean wherever we are should not be organized. Organization increases productivity and balance. Here’s four tips for office organization.


  1. File weekly.- Being that there are not enough hours in the day, it is easy to physically sit documents here and there or even leave them standing alone on our computers instead of storing them where they belong right away. Usually, we intend to do so, later, but sooner than you think, you now have a bunch of documents out of place and unorganized. Get in the habit of filing weekly. It’s less mess and helps with remembering where everything is stored.
  2. Establish work zones.- Figure out what work activities take place where and then zone your sections.  Place everything that is needed for that activity in that section, for example, if you staple and hole punch your documents after printing them, then why not have those material placed near the printer close by where they will be filed away.
  3. Straighten your desk daily.- It irks my nerves when I see people leave for the day, and their desk is a mess. Not only can that be viewed as a reflection of you, but it also sets one back a little in the morning.  Properly put away your work materials as you wrap up your day for a fresh start in the following morning.
  4. WOR File– I thought this was really interesting, but as the author brought to our attention, much of our clutter is due to waiting on a response from someone else. Therefore, we are compiling a mess while waiting on them. Create a WOR file and then place everything there.

Do you have any office organization tips you would like to share? Do you know how to recycle and reuse materials or craft them for multi-use in the office? Tweet or IG  me and share, @FancySwagHer.

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