3 Ways to Invite Spirituality Into Your Life Daily


happy-black-womanGetting in touch with your spirituality is not always easy with the hustle and bustle of everyday. It is hard to find the time to mediate at great lengths, read, journal, and practice whatever exercises you may wish to try while trying to work, run a household, and for many of us build an empire at the same time. I always hear, “I want to learn more or I see your posts, but I don’t have time to get into all of that. “I found three ways you can invite spirituality into your life.

Practice Gratitude.

We talk about gratitude often, but it is such a significant part of growth, because once we can appreciate the people and current situations around us, we can then elevate to more. I harp on my gratitude journal, but I just think seeing your blessings on paper in list format shows one just how much they should be thankful for and how we should not complain.

Spiritual Readings.

Read something spiritual other than an Instagram or Facebook post daily. There is literature written to be read daily so that it does not overwhelm.  You can also find daily inspirational blogs.  The purpose is to uplift your spirit and make you feel good. Your readings should inspire to put out good vibes and receive them as well.

Be Open to Signs from the Universe.

It may sound a little crazy to some, but I have always believed in signs. However, not being as enlightened as I am now, I tended to doubt and ignore them. As my faith and beliefs have grown stronger, I now attempt to be more patient, pray on matters, and then wait on signs before acting. Of course, they are not as obvious to see, and usually it is during the most awkward times that we make the connection.

These are three simple and FREE ways (unless you purchase the books), one can invite spirituality into their everyday life. Daily prayer should be partnered with all three. Meditation is also another way, and it is said that only one minute of meditation is better than none. Can you suggest any other way? Share them with me @fancyswagher.


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