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1-i-am-tired-being-labeled-angry-or-hard-deal-with_347x520_37I watched a video by Shanel Cooper Sykes not long ago as she was discussing the missing piece of the law of attraction. She shared a story about a client who wanted to live this lavish life filled with nice, beautiful clothes and other things. Sykes says while she always encouraged her client to live this lifestyle, she had never looked at her in full. Once she did look at her, she noticed the client did not carry herself like she would be living this type of lifestyle at all. I recall her telling of going to the client’s house and her closet being disarray with cheap hangers.

This got me to thinking; I am very picky about my clothes and their care, so that really was not problem, but I realized how your actions must align with your dreams. I want that life as well, but I have grown so accustomed to this I don’t have yet lifestyle. Was I setting myself up for failure and failing myself? I really wasn’t sure. However I know two things.

Life hands us what we have been asking for when we least expect it. Many times, it is just as we are ready to give up- then boom! Remember you asked for so and so that time. Sometimes we may not even remember right away. Therefore I wanted to be better organized. Can you imagine if that woman had been blessed with all these nice clothes and then through them in her junky closet? They would quickly be considered “that ole thing”. I don’t want that, so I have been working hard to restore more organization in my life through discipline. I want to be fearless this year, but I want to be well put together as well. I don’t want to be going into positive situations with everything around me is chaotic. While I cannot make big drastic changes, one thing I have begun to implement into my daily routine, is to make sure I leave my home in perfect order. I put everything  in its proper place as soon as I am done with it. I strive to have as much order around me as possible. I also more mindful of timing.

Secondly you have to appreciate what you have to be blessed with more or better. I love my car, but I want a red BMW. I love my car, but I also have a bad habit of throwing things in it, and leaving them there for days, weeks sometimes.  Car washes? Who has time for that? I have too much to do- no,  I have got to do better.  If I had that red BMW, would I be throwing things in there as well? Probably so if I do not break the habit now. Initially in my mind, I was more concerned with what I was really wanting. I now see my baby as that BMW. What’s funny is, people often say it looks like it would be a BMW or a Benz when I pull up. I guess it is the color, but I am learning to drive it like one as well. I pull up with my sunglasses on and scarf like you can’t tell me the money I using to pay for this thing does not begin to put a dent in my paycheck (BMW payments of course).

The point Sykes was making is before you can expect the Law of Attraction to work, you must be proactive in attracting it. Before I considered this to be “faking it until you make it”, but that is not it. It is seeing yourself already there as you get there. It is seeing yourself already with it while you are getting it. It is a part of manifestation. Do you practice such in your life? If so, and you care to share, tweet me! Until next time, have a great week!

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