Remember, You Are the Prize

black couple

black couple

The older I get the more I realize the importance of keeping a relationship interesting. I mean think about it, there’s simply too many other things and people to distract us or our mate if we do not. We can say, “I been doing… for years.. but if they choose to go elsewhere…. “  Really at this point, the chances of them going elsewhere are very plausible. You may never know, but remember that time when your relationship went through a slightly awkward stage? Then maybe it got better. Maybe your spouse found some other interest and then lost interest in that too. Now I am not saying this is always the case, there are numerous of other reasons why relationships can have hiccups, but losing interest is certainly one of them.

  1. Change your style up. – Yes they said this probably before our parents were born and way before Instagram, but if you wore the same outfit every day, after a while, would people bother to look at what you are wearing? Your hair is the same way. Try something different, get color, get a weave, get a cut; find what shows your fun side.
  2. Take the lead: If you are more passive, occasionally, surprise your spouse by taking a more dominant role. Send naughty texts when you too are apart or (if you have my kind of sense of humor) when in close proximity to watch their reaction.
  3. Take an interest in their new interests. We take interest in the beginning, but as time goes on, people grow and change. Take an actual interest in their growth and new interests.

My friend is always telling me about her much older, feisty coworker, let’s call her Aunt Viv. My friend describes her as a bad redbone, which we both laugh about but I do believe. One day while sharing a story about her coworker, she told me that (Aunt Viv) the older lady had told her how she would have to remind her much younger husband who the prize is. She said once a month, she would often ask him “Who is the prize?” and he must reply, “You are.” She would agree and they would carry on. Sounds silly, but sometimes you have to remind yourself and others, who you really are. You are the prize. Make them remember you chose them.


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