Warm Weather Watching: Game of Thrones

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The “Iron Throne” in King’s Landing

This is a weird time for me in regards to television.  This is the time fall programming wraps and the NFL season has not begun.  For a while anyway, there will be no “How to Get Away with Murder”, and no “Empire”, both strong for their first season.  But my true obsession is the BBC classic “Doctor Who”, which doesn’t return until the fall.   “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta” has a sketchy future, and is not a particular obsession.   And, the NFL Preseason does not start until September (I love pro-football).  So, being the homebody that I am, what will I do for the spring/summer months?  Then I remember a beacon of hope that returns next month (April 12 to be exact).  This is the epic HBO series “Game of Thrones”.  “Game of Thrones” is about to start its fifth season, and I can say that I, like many others, have been anticipating its return.

Now, before you start your “Angela’s a nerd” rant, understand that, in regards to television, genre is a non-factor in my selecting a scripted series.  What matters to me is the writing.  A well written television show is like a well written song or novel; it draws you in and refuses to let you go. That’s why “Law and Order” ran on for 20 years, and “Doctor Who” has been on for over 50 years. “Game of Thrones” has some of the best writing I have ever experienced.  Allow me to give you a brief synopsis of the series.

The show is based on the popular novels of the same title by George R.R. Martin.  Very basically, there is a battle for the highest throne in their known world, a world called Westeros, with the main throne residing in King’s Landing.  Different families claim ownership over the throne (the Lannisters, the Starks, the Targaryens, and the Baratheons).  So basically, whoever sits on the King’s Landing throne runs the world.  The current ruling family is the Lannisters, who did all sorts of treacherous things to hold that position, especially the ambitious Cersei Lannister, the mother to the current king.  I will not spoil the series for you, but I will say there are murders, betrayals, incest, sexual deviance, political scandals, and other things that you could only call “a mess”.  Each episode leaves you dreading the week of not knowing what is about to happen next.  The main thing that attracts me is that the show, like the novels, is not afraid to kill off a main character.  Even with this occurring on multiple occasions, other characters continue to keep you intrigued.  This show makes you kind of okay with paying extra for HBO.

So, shake off you preconceived notions of a fantasy genre T.V. shows.  Take a weekend and catch up on “Game of Thrones”.  In no time you will be entranced by the people of Westeros, and wondering what happens when winter truly comes.

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