More Than A Lifestyle: Constance Gordon




Constance Gordon is a known LGBT (Lesbian , Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender) activist in the state of Mississippi, and is not slowing down until the LGBT community is treated better. Gordon is a business consultant, public speaker, graphic designer, and entertainer. She has worked as a LGBT advocacy coordinator for the American Civil Liberties Union of Mississippi, outreach coordinator for My Brother’s Keeper Inc., leader of a workshop for the Campaign of Southern Equity, and she is on the board of directors for the Gulf Coast Rainbow Center. Gordon is moving at a constant rate to change the lives of many in the LGBT Community, and is using her numerous leadership roles as a way to voice what others may not say. On her phone interview, Gordon opens up about the LGBT community, and how it is more than a lifestyle.

The LGBT community is at constant ridicule from the public, but Gordon knows that consistent advocacy will make the LGBT community stronger. Gordon finds ways to empower the LGBT community in Mississippi, and one way she does this is by hosting  conferences monthly for members of the LGBT community. At these conferences, Gordon brings in professionals to speak with the members on different topics that they may have problems with.Gordon uses her varies roles in organizations to the promote the existence and welfare of the LGBT community, and that is the driving force for the support she has gained.  These conferences are not a just for people in the LGBT community, but they can educate others who think of the LGBT community as a taboo subject.

The LGBT community recently dealt with an international issue, when  ISIS stoned a man to death in Syria because he was accused of being gay. Gordon said, “There has to be a universal stance for the LGBT community, and the ISIS attack is not any different than the scrutiny the LGBT community faces on a daily basis.” The attack of ISIS to the man was unfair, but it is also similar to stories in the US of members of the LGBT community being killed by groups of people at school, church, or in the community. Gordon mentioned a story of a member of the LGBT community  being killed  in her community, and his lover not being mentioned in the obituary. Gordon said, “Terrorism is terrorism, whether they wear mask or whether they deny you employment.” Last year the Mississippi senate passed the 2681 bill, and this bill allows any organization rooted in religious beliefs the right to deny service based on race,  color, or sexual orientation. Gordon feels that the more people advocate for the LGBT community, the more lawmakers find ways to hold them back.

Gordon will speak next month at Jackson State University on a panel, and she will also speak at the VA in Mississippi. She also has a few small speaking engagements and collaborations with many nonprofit organizations. She is doing an HIV initiative on November 13-15,2015 on the coast and that will be in collaboration with the Mississippi AIDS task force. She is also going to look into more mentoring in the LGBT community. Gordon is a force that will not be stopped by anyone, and she is a powerful voice in the LGBT community.


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