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rsz_tw2 (1)Movie producer Tricia Woodgett of TigerEye Films is our Wednesday Wonder Woman today. Woodgett has touched almost every area in the entertainment industry. She first pursued a singing career, but then started a publishing company. During this time she produced her first stage play. She then began dabbling with film making. She wrote and produced her first short film with a group of other small filmmakers.

“When I did my first short film, I liked the stress of a filmmaker. I like the intensity and the stress of working. I was like “Oh my God, this is a stress I can live with that won’t give me a heart attack. I’m going to do this, “ Woodgett shared.

Woodgett currently has been showing her film “Circles” which is about two young adults and how their irresponsible decisions can lead to the HIV/AIDS  infection. They are just living their lives like they are immune or invincible not considering, the possibility of becoming infected.  Woodgett said, “The movie actually provides an outline on how this virus can come back to you in full circle starting with someone else. It can pull your friends, your family; it can pull anybody in. “

Inspired by a manuscript she published also entitled “Circles”, Woodgett did the rewrites and edits and created her full feature, “Circles”. Woodgett went on to say that she had also lost two friends to AIDS and “It really touched my soul. So, I said I have got to do something with this, so I did. I scripted the movie and filmed it.”

When asked what other film makers she would like to work with, she replied, “Um… Oprah Winfrey hands down, lol! Oprah Winfrey and Will Packer. I would love to work with Packer, because he is not genre specific. He does comedy movies. He does thrillers. I can see him doing a horror film, and that is kind of how I am; I am all over the place. As a Black and Latino like me, we bring most of the money to the box office now days, and we like a variety of movies. We’re just not hooked on documentaries or things like that. We like them all, and I want to make everybody happy.

And though she has been successful with all of her ventures, this Wonder Woman confessed that funding was one obstacle that she too had to overcome. “We have to be sure that line is clear, because you can go seeking funding, and then possibly have yourself in a situation. I just don’t want to compromise myself and my work. I just want to make sure I cross all my t’s and dot all my i’s,” she admitted.

We have been hearing a great deal about funding in the movie industry lately with pictures like Selma, we asked Woodgett to shed more light on what exactly the funding is for.  “Funding takes care of the preproduction, the production, and post production, and after post production- marketing, print, everything that you have to do for that particular film. Then just the same way I said you have to be careful who you give money to as the investor, as the one seeking the funding, you also have to be careful, who you receive money from. You don’t want to deal with a micromanager. You have to deal with someone who understands the film industry. It is not an overnight process, “she explained. “ Yes, I shot “Circles” in twelve days, but it has taken two years to have the project in a position where people can buy it, where people can see it. You have some Hollywood films that have been completed two and three years before they come out, because you have to get your distribution in place.  Everything in the film industry is about being strategic if you want to be successful.”


So how does Woodgett describe her swagher, “I am left brained and right brained. I am artistic, and I can handle my business. I am a kind person. I have four degrees. I love school. I love learning. I apply everything that I have learned to life, and then I am creative.  I love writing stories. I sing. I love writing songs, so I guess that would be what is essential about me, that I work with both sides of my brain.”

Woodgett is in the preproduction stage for a period comedy, “Jericho”, which was written by Brandon Lewis. The story line is about two guys who decide that they would like to go to work and ask for a promotion on the day the Civil Rights Bill of 1964 is passed, but their car breaks down, and they are chased by a lynch mob. She compared it to “Life” which starred Martin Lawrence and Eddie Murphy. She also has another film, “Nothing At All” written by Brian C. Conley, in the works. She described it as being about a man and woman who both have commitment issues. This one, she says,  is similar to “Brown Sugar” ( Sanaa Lathan and Taye Diggs)and “Love Jones” (Nia Long and Larenz Tate).

For those interested in movie producing, Woodgett shared the following advice, “Go do your research. That’s what I had to do. I had to get out there, and I had to research like “How do you write a script?” How do you put a production budget together?” Everything that I did initially in the beginning, I did it from scratch. Now I know better. I know there’s software out there that will format your script. When I first started, I was formatting my own script. I was creating my budget through Excel spreadsheets. I was just doing everything with Microsoft tools.


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