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Me in Hawaii (2009)

It’s early March and summer is right around the corner.  So, now would be a good time to start planning your much-needed vacation. I have had the good fortune of doing some traveling, so I thought I’d give you some insights into some of my favorite vacation spots.

If you’re looking to go tropical, there is no place like Honolulu, HI.  I’ve been there twice and had an amazing time each time I went.  Honolulu is extremely expensive, so the earlier you plan, the less expensive it will be to book.  On my first trip, I took surfing lessons.  Let’s just say it’s not for everyone, but try it anyway, just to say you surfed in Hawaii.  On my second trip, my boyfriend (now husband) and I went on a fishing trip on a boat and a dinner cruise.  Hawaii is really beautiful looking at it from the Pacific.  Both trips, I had to complete my adventure with the luau.  There, I saw hula dancers dance the stories of the Pacific Islanders, and ate roast pig that had been cooking underground all day.  That was the best pig I had ever eaten.  I also tried poi, an acquired taste.  The best thing to do is just sit at the beach and enjoy a mai tai and the beautiful weather.

If Hawaii is too exotic for your taste (or your wallet), then head to the desert of Nevada and go to exciting Las Vegas. I’ve been there three times and had three great experiences.  It goes without saying that the gambling is fun.  They even have slots at the airport.  I played a little blackjack too.  But if you’re more of a sight seer, there is still something for you to do.  New York, New York Hotel and Casino has a roller coaster that loops the outside of the hotel.   On the strip, there is the four-story M & M store, the fountains at the Bellagio, the canals of the Venetian Hotel, and the pirate show outside of Treasure Island (this is my favorite hotel).  If you’re a shopper, there’s a mall in every hotel.  If you like shows, there’s a show in every hotel, usually put on by the world-renowned Circ du Soleil.  Las Vegas is without a doubt excitement in the desert.

I have to give honorable mentions to Miami, San Antonio, and Austin, all fantastic places to go.  But wherever you go, do your research and find good deals, take a companion, and don’t forget your toothbrush!

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