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erica 1I want to help others in the same way, whether it’s to empower them to better financial freedom or to improve their quality of life with health/beauty and fitness goals. If I can do it, juggling so many hats, anyone could, says our Wednesday Wonder Woman today, Erica Price. Price is the CEO of Yanique, a new publishing company, an independent distributor for It Works!  a company devoted to manufacturing health/wellness and beauty products, and a Honors/ROTC Housing Specialist with LSU. She is also the mother of four.

Price’s company, Yanique Publishing will publish poetic expression, comedy, urban fiction, and romance.  Price, who has been writing since middle school, expects her own book which will chronicle her trials and triumphs in the form of poetry, to be completed within the next three to four months. “People would read my material and would always say that I should become a writer. Well, after years of writing and wanting to share my talents, as well as, other talented writers, I decided to embark upon starting a publishing company,” she shares.

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Married at the age of 20 and divorced at 29, this Wonder Woman declares, “I want to give voice to that quiet, innovative, and creative person that has so much to say to the world around them. Becoming a mother, wife, and divorced at a young age, has no doubt impressed life-long lessons and experience upon me.” So how does she balance her many hats? “First and foremost, I keep God at the center of my life. Without prayer, it would impossible to maintain a sense of balance. Then plan, prioritize, and execute. Always, have several plans in action because if plan A fails, you want to have several backups to offset potential disappointment. Keeping a positive attitude, eating healthy, good rest, and exercise will work wonders to rejuvenate a person that is always on the go!” Price admits.

Price left us with these words of inspiration for our followers, “Believe in yourself. Know your purpose and worth. Never give up on your dreams, make them into reality. We are creators of our future. Life is an open book…an unmarked canvas, just waiting to be written and painted upon. Be that one to leave your mark in the world!” How would she describe her swagher? “Unique… a bit of a mystery. I like to come with the unexpected.”

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