PARENTING 101: The Image You Give Your Kids

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Image is the way you present yourself to others.  Most of us only get dressed when we are going to an event or work.  However, the way you carry yourself in public and the image you present to your child is more important than that.  It is almost comical to see parents chastise the way their kids dress, when they are walking around with their pants hanging down or “club” clothes on.  We have all seen the people at Wally world and wonder if they just rolled out of the bed to go grocery shopping.

I used to mentor at an alternative school and after seeing some of the parents, I understand why some of the kids don’t have any respect for themselves.  Your actions speak louder than words.  There are certain images and things I don’t present in front of my son.  I want him to respect, love, and cherish women.  So I am mindful especially when I am around him what image I am putting out.  If I go to his school, I make sure I am always presentable.  In fact, that is my public rule in general.

He, in turn, is mindful how he dresses.  Children especially teenagers have their own style, but the image your child puts forth (as long as they are under your roof), is on you.  Not to say I have never said pull your dang pants up when I could see a little bit of his boxers.  Heck, sometimes I would just pull them “way” up for him.  He knows better.  I have also threatened to wear my pants that way and come up to his school to embarrass him.  Problem solved! I simply explain to him that he can run across someone and be not presentable, later that same person might be someone he interviews with.  Impression ruined by a lapse in judgment.

Next time you go to your child’s school, look at the faces of the child whose parent is dressed “out of order”, do they look proud?  Probably not.  A while ago at a parent meeting, my son remarked (after looking at the other parents), that he finally understands what I tell him.  He also said he was so glad I didn’t dress like that.  #parentingwin  Lead by example, the world isn’t so forgiving.

Good Luck!



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