4 Common Reactions to Those On an Inner Peace Journey



photo (1)When I began my inner peace journey almost six years ago, I was very excited. I understood it might take a while to get wherever the journey was taking me, or at least I thought I understood, but now looking back, I realize I had no idea.  While reflecting over the situation I thought I would share four common reactions and how I discovered getting over them.


People may think you are crazy or deranged. Not everyone will understand your desire to do or be better, because their minds cannot fathom something more. What do you mean find yourself? When did you go missing? Stop being trying to be like the women on tv. Forget the tv and tune these people out.


 “They” will be mad. For some it may seem like you are asking too much. Who do you think you are? Why can’t you just settle like everyone else? These are the people who would love to see you fail. They do not want to see you do or be better because that requires the courage to change some things in your life, including you and possibly them too. This is something they are too afraid or too weak to do themselves. As they see you continue to elevate, finding joy in simple things, they think you are fake and “putting on”. They will not understand how you can become one with the Universe, or how you discovered your strength and built a more spiritual relationship with the Most High. Nothing makes sense.


You may become what some consider annoying.  As you come more into knowledge of yourself, your perspective of your world and those around you changes, and sometimes that can be bad, because you notice everything.  You may begin to try to analyze others, and they can grow annoyed.  The journey can be very exciting and interesting for you, but not everyone will share your enthusiasm about your self-discoveries.  You cannot change or save everyone.


Dating can be complicated. Saying you’re on an inner peace journey is like a red flag to many of the opposite sex. It sounds like you are broken, and who has to time to go into a situation with something or someone you already know is damaged. The opportunist sees it as weak, and the self-made often see it as dependent. Don’t be discouraged. Once you reach a certain level, those types of people no longer attract you. You need someone on your level mentally. They may not be their spiritually, but the right one will be open to growing. Don’t forget iron sharpens iron.

Have you experienced any other reactions? I would love to know them. Tweet me @FancySwagHer.

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