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The title can mean two different things depending on who reads it.  One can look at it and think love life as in your dating/love life.  Someone else can look at it and think you love life.  That is a perfect example of relationship communication.  As people, we communicate differently, this can sometimes cause frustration in a relationship.  However, if you don’t learn how to communicate clearly and understand that the other person may understand differently, the frustration is on you.

Last night, I told my husband it was going to get cold and I wanted to cook beef stew.  In my mind, I clearly said “write stuff for beef stew” on the grocery list.  In his mind, that didn’t mean write each ingredient that I needed, but to write the words “stuff for beef stew.”  Even though I clearly said write stuff for beef stew, maybe I should have said write the ingredients for beef stew.

Technically, both of us were right.  That is one of the things in relationships a lot of people fail to understand, you have to communicate and adjust the way you communicate accordingly.  Rather it is your wants, needs, or simply adding items to a grocery list, communication is key.  No one is a mind reader.  As women, we sometimes think the man (or other person) will “know” what we mean or “know” what we want.  If you don’t directly say it and make sure it is understood the other party can not be at fault.  Find a way to meet in the middle.

Miscommunication often leaves one feeling misunderstood.  Be patient!  Your love life, just like loving life, is a process.


Good Luck!



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