Turn Your Back On Negativity

karlyn in blue

karlyn in blueA feeling is just that, a feeling, you don’t have to digest it. You have the ability to change your current situation into a pleasurable emotion. Negativity is thrown at us all day everyday and it will never stop. Why should you catch it and swallow it? If you continue to devour bad things you’ll reek despair, disappointment, weakness, sadness, and ultimately feel like a huge failure. Those feelings will always sit in the pit of your stomach, reoccurring at the most vulnerable times in your life. 

If you want to be happy it’s time to rebuke all the toxins inside your body. Eliminate the negativity, don’t consume it. Take your power back and walk around free from pain. Don’t take on the problems of others; learn to keep your mouth closed and your back turned. Those bad calories they possess will load you down and destroy you. 

Elect peace. Incorporate greatness. Say no to the bad and yes to the good. Remember, you are in control of your feelings, be the positive change agent in your life. Rebuke all that is negative and consume happiness. Take your magic wand, turn everything harmful into something desirable. Be free as you walk around with a belly full of love, peace, prosperity, compassion, success, wisdom, and joy.

Karlyn LeBlanc

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