Interview with the hottest new artist Bentley Fortune

SwagHer Magazine got the opportunity to speak with an up and coming new artist that desires to change the world. This artist is a Haitian native that wants to add something to his music that makes him stand out from the rest, and is all work no play! Bentley Fortune fell in love with music at a young age when he learned to play several different instruments at his father’s church. With his hottest hit “Dance Floor” Bentley Fortune has fans going“loco”, and wanting more.

Bentley Fortune Dance Floor

SwagHer Magazine : Who inspires you to sing?

Bentley Fortune: I come from a musical background. I’m a preacher’s kid so I would spend time playing the drums in church, and my parents influenced me a lot. Part of my inspiration comes from my roots; I am originally from Haiti so I like to keep that in my music. My dad teaches music lessons, so I learned how to play keys and the bass guitar. I would say that Michael Jackson and Bob Marley influence me as well. I sing about my experiences, and I feel obligated to tell the world my story.


SH: If you could collaborate with anyone who would it be?

BF: Definitely Pitbull so that we could make international music, and add in reggaton to it. Also, Rihanna because she is from Barbados and I am from Haiti so I think that mix would be a good mix.


SH: How would you describe your music?

BF: My music is a mood changer. I want my music to be the type of music where if someone is having a bad day that they want to play my music to be happy. I see my music as uplifting and positive, and I want to make the world a better place with my music.


SH: I really like your song “Dance Floor”! What did you enjoy most; the music video, recording, or performing the song?

BF: Well actually that song came about, because I was at the club and I’m always in V.I.P. I don’t go dance I just chill in V.I.P. Then I saw this gorgeous girl, and I was talking to my homeboys like ‘do you see her?’They were telling me to go to the dance floor to talk to her, so I went to the dance floor. My producer showed me a track, and I was telling him about what happened that night at the club. It’s a mixture of Reggaeton, Caribbean, and South American. I started to write out a song about it, we just put it together, and I started singing. I think it’s most beautiful when I’m performing and get to the audience interacting and relating to my music.

Bentley Fortune 90/10

SH: Besides music, what do you do in your free time?

BF: Well I am a producer and songwriter too. I run a production company call Hello World Filmwork, and I usually work 48 hours with no sleep! My motto is 90% work 10% sleep.

SH: How would you describe to the world who Bentley Fortune is?

BF: A young man that moved to the states at an early age. A great person, friendly, believes in greatness, and always smiling (it brings me through my days). God is always first.


SH: What is your favorite meal?

BF: Coconut and shrimp, fish, and chicken. I make that at home. I love to cook and eat healthy. I invite my friends over, and they are always like “What are you cooking tonight?” I have a mini concert when they are over just playing my guitar and singing, then I’m just like “ What do you want to hear next?”


SH: What do you typically wear everyday?

BF: I am big on fashion! I love all of the latest fashion. I’m the type of person that has all of these clothes in front of me, but I can’t find anything!

Bentley Fortune Nucleus

SH: Are you working on any new projects?

BF: I just got done with my album and mix The Nucleus. I titled it that because it is the beginning, core, and foundation of who I am. I’m starting small with no featured artists to show who I am as an artist, and there are 10 songs on this album. I also have some shows lined up for me in Haiti, Canada, Trinidad, and the Virgin Islands.


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Instagram: @BentleyFortune

Twitter: @1BentleyFortune

Snapchat: @BentleyFortune



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