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emp4 EmpeNyx  Nail Bar owner, Natasha Bobbit, talks with Fancy about the grand opening of the soon to be hotspot in Atlanta and shares how it began.  What ignited your interest in nails? This is a whole new business venture for me. Prior to this, I was doing insurance for like ten years, and I knew ultimately that that was not going to be it.  I knew that was not what I was going to do for the rest of my life, so when I started getting interested in this, I started doing research.  I did my homework, and I ultimately decided to step away from the insurance industry and to step out on faith and enter into a whole new business venture, so I do not do nails. I have nail technicians. What inspired you start EmpeNyx Nail Bar? Initially I started following Laque‛  Nail Bar in California, and I instantly gravitated toward the whole concept, the ambiance, the whole idea of that type of nail bar/setting. So I started following them on Instagram and became more interested. I noticed how more and more people were requesting that they expand and come to the East coast, come to Atlanta, come to Georgia, and my mind got to working. We did not have anything along the lines of that type of nail salon concept here in Atlanta.  I said this type of thing would be hot in Atlanta, so  I started  doing research, and I hired an attorney.  He contacted the owner in California and things just went on from there. I decided that yes, I am going to bring this to Atlanta, because I think it is going to be a big hit. It’s not a franchise,  but it’s the same concept and everything. What can we expect from the grand opening? The grand opening is going to be a very fabulous event with the purple carpet from you guys and complimentary valet parking, and there will be this huge dessert table with a variety of assortments, champagne and wine. It won’t be a full service bar that day, but everything we offer that day, service wise, will be complimentary.  I plan to have a couple of appearances, which I have not totally confirmed yet, so I won’t say, but it’s going to be a very nice, upscale event.   What obstacles have you had to overcome in your career? This whole process of transitioning from one industry to another industry has definitely not been easy. I have learned a lot. I’ve made some mistakes and learned from them. I have learned so much about the industry. The owner in California, was helping me out in the beginning, but even as far as like, just designing the whole concept, building it out, because before you know with the an insurance agency, you don’t have to go through the whole design process and build it out. You just have to have an office to service your customers. With this type of business, I had to design it. I had to pick out the furniture. I had to make sure the look is the same; the concept is up to par. I have had to deal with so many people, the contractors, the nail supply companies. It definitely has been a learning experience, but I appreciate the experience and the struggle, because I know it is going to pay off. EmpeNyx is going to be a big hit in Atlanta, because we currently don’t have anything like it. This month made a whole year that I have been working on it. emp3 What does your target market look like? EmpeNyx  is going to pretty much target everyone, everyone from your corporate America person to your college students, to your stay at home mom- anyone who likes the idea of being pampered, because that is the motto of EmpeNyx, and we don’t want customers. We want clients that we can pamper over and over again. The name itself matches that motto. With EmpeNyx , the beginning breaks  down into  “emporium” which is like a form of paradise or a form of heaven and “Nyx”  is  a Greek goddess, so we want you to come in here, and we are going to treat you like you are in paradise. We are going to pamper you, so the target would be anyone who likes to experience something on another level. This is a new salon experience. You are going to be pampered. You are going to drink your complimentary wine or champagne, of course if you are of age; anybody who likes to be pampered- that is who EmpeNyx is for. You can be in school, in corporate America, a stay at home mom, or a retiree those are the type of clients that we will draw to EmpeNyx, and I say clients because customers don’t have loyalty. Clients have loyalty, and that’s what we want. How would you describe your swagher? I have always been into fashion and up to date trends, and I’ve always been a girly girl. I always cared about how my  makeup- well not really my makeup because I don’t really  wear makeup,  but my hair my clothes, my  bag,  my jewelry and shoes looked.  I am just a fanatic when it comes to shopping period.  So I would say, my swagher is low key and laid back. Although I like nice things, I am not flashy, and I am definitely about my business. I am on a mission to live a certain way in life, because I like nice things. I have to make money to get those nice things, so I always have been business savvy and trying to come up with the next move to get to the next level. Then I had the most phenomenal role model in the world. My mother passed away from cancer two years ago, but she was like the ultimate, phenomenal woman. I mean spiritually, she was phenomenal; business wise- she was phenomenal. She was a network queen. Growing up that is all she preached to me and taught me. She was like, “You have to network; you have to get out and talk to different people. You have to know different people.  You have to expand your horizons and experience different things.” She always said I would end up like her, and she was absolutely right, because that is me now. I like meeting and talking to different people, learning from different people, and experiencing different things, which is why I knew that it would not be a problem for me to step out on faith and enter into this business venture, because I knew that I could do it. I really would like to stress the fact that I am bringing something new into Atlanta, and I just really believe that  with Atlanta being on the rise and incorporating so many different things,  within  in Atlanta that we are continuing to grow.  Soon we will be the Hollywood of the south, so I think EmpeNyx is going to be perfect for the way Atlanta is evolving. From the reality shows to entertainment, to a lot of the celebrities are moving here. Atlanta is evolving and EmpeNyx is perfect to be in the center of all that with the whole concept, ambiance, the décor, n and what’s all going to be offered. The whole niche about EmpeNyx is although you are going to get this totally different nail salon experience; prices are going to be very competitive. empenyx flyer   Attend the grand opening and leave a business card, and you will entered into a drawing to possibly win purple carpet event coverage provided by SwagHer Magazine for your upcoming small business event.


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