How to Take Part In a Casting

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Never would I have thought I would be cast as an extra in anything, but hey- I’m trying new things in the new year and a friend knew someone who knew someone, so voila! Obviously because this isn’t something I had ever done, I had no idea what to expect. I knew the location, the theme, and that it was a black tie,  affair but that was about all. Gps- check. Dress-check. Now what?

1. Dress comfortable. The event took place downtown, which meant I had to walk what seems like miles in the cold. I was unsure of what all we could bring in so I left my coat in the car and walked in my heels. Big mistake! While trying to get into the building another sister walked up in flats and her coat, with her purse, which I noticed contained her heels.

During the event while networking, I met another sister who told me she came super early but dressed down because she has to ride the bus. She stashed her change of clothes bag in the ladies room. She also shared this tip.

2. Be aware of legal agreements. Sounds scary, but it was not that bad. The agreement was no more than three pages long, and it included the usual. I was giving permission for image to be used and would not disclose any private information about the show and event. I signed it and was also asked to take a picture holding it.

3. Save room to eat. Depending on the scene you are taking part in, especially one with an event taking place, they will feed you! In fact, they will attempt to feed you so well, there may be plenty of leftovers. That’s why this sister told me to bring baggies.  She says it saves her days of cooking.

4. Don’t’ be afraid of the camera and sit with camera friendly people. Because I was only informed about this casting, I simply found something in my closet. Though I felt cute, I was very conscious. I think the camera saw that too, so I didn’t get much camera time. However, I did notice that the camera “loved” some people, particular groups, and they (the groups) “loved” them back.

5. Be prepared to stand and do a lot of nothing at times. I’m really not sure how I was  placed in a group, and I never saw my group’s leader, but somehow I was placed in a group that was supposed to stand the entire time. Yea- that did not happen. I found a place to sit immediately. That may have been a part of the little situation that arose later when the very important guests arrived. Had they specifically asked, I would have given up my seat, but they did not and by the time VIP’s arrived, my feet were killing me. However, I did try to make room for them like they asked us to do.

Because I was extremely tired from a weekend of events and starting a new job the next day, I did not stay until the end of filming. Acting really is not my thing anyway, but hey how do you know until you try it? I do believe I will attend a few more casting, however, because I don’t like to ever feel like I didn’t give my best with anything. Have you ever been cast in any filming? Do you have some suggestions or tips you can share? Tweet me at @FancySwagHer.

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