Tell Me Something Tuesday: Why is he giving me two minutes? I’m at my sexual peak…


black-couple-looking-at-each-otherWell, I’m sick of the two minute love making. Since he’s turned 40 we have 30 minutes of oral sex and 2 minutes of penetration, if that. I mean how much licking and sucking can a person take? Our love life is so routine. The same thing over and over again.
He had me thinking I was doing something wrong. “Baby, don’t move so much.” “It’s not wet enough.” “Let me lick it a little more.” I didn’t realize it, but he was doing anything and everything to prolong penetration. “It’s been a few days that’s why I was so quick.” Excuses. Excuses. I was being manipulated. 

LeBlanc Replies:  Yes, at 40, a woman’s sex drive speeds way over the speed limit. She wants it and she wants it bad. Her body is lubricated and she’s ready to perform all night. The 40 year old grown woman has reached her peak and she speeds right pass her 40 year old lover. Unfortunately, studies show some men start to lose their sex drive and functioning after 40.  However, it’s not the end. Work with your lover. Be empathetic. Let him know you understand and are willing to work with him. Try different positions. Take your time. Implement toys in the bedroom. Get into the spiritual component of love making. If that doesn’t work try couples therapy. Let medications like Viagra and Cialis be your last result.

What works for you? Please post your feedback in the comment section.

-Karlyn Leblanc

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