4 Remedies For the Common Cold



It seems like the common cold can slow one down more than anything and it is the hardest to get rid of, but here are four ways to knick the common cold in the bud as soon  as it starts.

1. Vitamin C- This is one of the most common remedies, but it is unknown whether taking Vitamin C after actually having a cold is effective or not. However  building up your immune system with vitamin c prior to your cold, can prevent you having one and/or help you fight one off.

2.Echinacea- Take echinacea as soon as you start to feel sick, but it is believed that you can also take once your cold is already in effect. Echinacea can be found where other supplements and herbs are sold, but be mindful that the better the quality the more effective it will be.

3.Water-How hard is that to find? Drink plenty of water to flush your body of bad substances that can cause you to become sick, especially those who drink a great deal of juice, tea, and lemon water (surprisingly).

4. Rest- Everyone is on a mission now days, so who has time to rest, but rest can help you kick the common cold quickly. Personally, I have discovered that wrapping myself  so tightly or burying myself so deeply in my covers and sweating it out while doing so.

Do you know of any other effective remedies? Feel free to share them with us.



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