#MusicMonday: Stephanie Courtney, The Hottest New Artist

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Stephanie Courtney is a new pop/R&B artist hitting the scene with her all new single “Never”. She is a talented, beautiful, and inspiring young lady that aspires to reach out to young women, and let them know that they are important. Her energy is warming, and while speaking with her I felt like I was talking with my best friend.


SwagHer Magazine got the chance to speak with this artist and got to know more about her. From her music to family, Stephanie is motivated and has more in store for the future.

SwagHer: You are not afraid to express your love for Christ. I read that you were a victim of bullying. How did you do to overcome that?

Stephanie Courtney: I really used church and singing in the church to overcome it in a testimonial way. I also like to write poetry and songs to remedy the fact that people were making fun of me, and it is just a therapeutic way of expressing myself. When people make fun of you it’s kind of in the mass, and it seems like you don’t have a voice and fall in the background. By writing and ministering in church, I was heard. When I think about being bullied I get sad but happy, because I am a survivor! Bullying affects people mentally, physically, and emotionally. I did not want that to take over me!


SH:What message do you want young women to receive from your music?

SC: I want to empower them. The other day I was watching the news and Emma Watson, the actress from “Harry Potter”, spoke about equality between males and females. She got threats, because people were saying that equality between male and female was not a big issue. I just want to piggy back and let young women see that they should not allow people to degrade them. Without us, there would be nothing. We are the bearers of society. I want people that are suffering from illness or struggling with something to know that they are strong enough to endure it.


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SH: Who is Stephanie Courtney? How would you define yourself?

SC: I would like to describe myself with a word and that is beatitude. Beatitude means graceful, blessings, and gifted. I was gifted through Christ to write, minister, and encourage others.


SH: So I’m going to get into a personal question. In your new song ‘Never’ you express your love for a new man, who is this mystery man?

SC: Actually, the song for me is about God and family. The song can mean a number of things when you look at it from a different perspective, but I just wanted to say that ‘I never knew, no never knew a love like yours!’
SH: Wow that is very inspiring! So what do you like most about the music industry? Writing, performing, recording, or music videos?

SC: When I first started, I loved everything about the music industry. Now, my favorite part is performing! I like that I get to interact, get the community experience, and get to see the expressions from people in the crowd. When I am on stage it’s like I’m a different person, because I am normally shy. On stage I feel as free as a bird flying in air!


SH: So you go from Stephanie to Stephana?

SC: (laughing) Yes I have an alter ego!
SH: What is your favorite place to eat?

SC: Well my family is from Trinidad and Tobago, so my favorite place to eat is in Tobago. It’s called Brown Sugar Cafe. I’ve tried Caribbean restaurants here in America, and it’s just not the same. My favorite meal is baigan choka! It’s like how you guys have eggplant here, but it is roasted. Baigan is the eggplant. They mix it with potatoes and sauteed onions it just adds more flavor!


SH: What is your favorite daily attire?

SC: I have a comfortable style. I like to wear pants that are fitted around the waist, baggy on my thighs, and fitted around my ankles. I like to wear crop tops, hats and gloves. My style is kind of like Aaliyah’s. Surprisingly, my favorite time of the year is fall!


Interview by Dria Byrd


SH: Thank you so much for letting us interview you! We will continue to support you and keep in touch.

SC: Thank you! It is so inspiring and encouraging to have support, especially when you’re trying to get out there. It is a motivation for me to keep writing and performing.

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