Wednesday Wonder Women: Kristin Little & Utica Robinson

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When women work together, it’s a bond unlike any other. – Victoria Principal

     Today’s Wonder Women are the owners of KU D’ etat, Kristin Little and Utica Robinson. The two met in college and for years toyed with the idea of collaborating to start a business, but they struggled with being on the same page at the same time. However, they were able to plan and coordinate Utica’s entire wedding from bridal shower to bridesmaids accessories, as well as her baby shower and gift registry. Their first unofficial business idea was for event planning and decor. The two planned events for the Concrete Roses organization and its brother organization Boys to Men. “We worked collaboratively on these events and saw that, together, we made magic happen,” they said.

KU D’état, LLC© is a minority-women owned and operated special events and apparel firm that was founded by Little and Robinson, both Kean University alumni, wives and mothers. They recognize the importance of family and its impact on society as a whole. Their  events focus on sisterhood, relationships, education, health and wellness, spirituality and entrepreneurship. In addition, a portion of event proceeds or sales are contributed to various local and national charities to aid in their respective missions.

“We are finalizing plans for our self-defense seminar in time for Spring Break.  Also, we are planning our official business launch which will span an entire weekend and will include a cocktail reception and women’s empowerment brunch in April 2015.   In the interim, we will be releasing our t-shirt line.  There is more in the works, but that’s our little surprise (*wink),” they shared on their future plans.

When asked why does family plays a big part in the mission of KU D’ etat, the ladies replied, ” We were both raised to have a strong sense of family and its importance in all aspects of our lives.  Family is the backbone of society and its breakdown has contributed to many of the issues that plague us all.  We want to do our part to rebuild, rejuvenate, reclaim and reestablish the family as it was meant to be in all of its complexities.”

While many entrepreneurs say they will never or never again take a risk at a partnership, especially with a friend, these Wonder Women say, “The only thing that separates us is distance and blood – we’re sisters in the ways that matter the most.  Our partnership is seamless.  We each bring something unique to the business.  Each of our talents compliments the other’s.” The women are also open to partnering with other organizations and individuals, particularly those that are women or minority owned. They also have sponsorship and swag bag opportunities.

Little and Robinson shared these words of inspiration:

(KRISTIN) Live your life unapologetically and do it NOW!  There will never be any more perfect time than the present.  If God has put a song in your heart and a dream in your eye, sing it and see it through.  You can’t wait until all conditions are optimal – they may never be.  You can’t depend on the opinion or blessing of others – God gave you a vision that was meant for you to see and only he can bless you with the outcome.  Surround yourself with people who genuinely support you, with like minds, and who want to see you live well even when there’s nothing in it for them to gain.  Then, you must be the same in return.  You can’t be blessed refusing to be a blessing to others.  I am my sister’s keeper.

(UTICA) My ideology is simple: live your life without regret and/or guilt of any kind, therefore you are gifting yourself total acceptance of who you are.  We, as women, are constantly reassuring others to exude confidence, to have the courage to follow their dreams and accomplish major goals in their lives.  KU D’état’s mission is to Reinforce and Replenish today’s Women with knowledge, motivation, and positive self-image.
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