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In a month, I will be 32 years old and I love being a woman in my thirties. Initially, I was apprehensive of checking the new check box of life, 30-35 years old. Now I feel empowered to be a woman in her thirty-somethings, It is fulfilling and emancipating. By no means am I saying it is easy or does not have its challenges. I have rent, a car note, child care, health care co-pays and life insurance premiums. I work 36.25 hours during the work week and an extra 8 hours on the weekend. From all the tiring hard work I do, I feel a sense of accomplishment that can not be diminished by any means. By achieving these small accomplishments, I am building a better life for my family and me.

The media portrays  motherhood to be an equivalent to glamour and fashion. Celebrities pose for the paparazzi toting their little ones on their hip as if they were accessories. Young ladies are rushing into life-changing situations without realizing the big picture. An article by Michelle Castillo of CBS News states the average age of marriage is increasing to 26.5 years old for women and 28.7 years old for men. That’s up from ages 23 and 26 in 1990, respectively. But, the median age of first birth for a woman is now 25.7 — meaning that about 48 percent of first births are happening outside of wedlock. It is not always about age but where the person is at in life stage, mental maturity and vision. When I was in my 20s, I had one if not all these task on my to-do list. I have reflected on and realized that I did not have the coping skills to handle the big responsibilities that were ahead of me. I was distant, seeking stability, and focus. I spent a decade of my life asking “What if?” or “What’s next?”  We must cultivate our skills in order to respond versus react. Younger women may lack the ability to articulate themselves clearly and concisely when attempting to resolve altercations.  Society often portrays us, specifically women of color, as the aggressors. We are protective by instinct and defensive by nature. As sisters, we must be mindful of how we state our opinions and are we expressing ourselves effectively. If you can, just let it go! It is not worth your happiness to hold on to a grudge. We are not here to compete but to uplift one another. A woman helps other women.

In my 30s, I have become more spiritual rather than religious. I am consistently seeking optimal mental and spiritual health. I am more confident is my skills, my style, and my sexuality. I know what I want, where I want it and how I want it. I have learned once in my thirties, and I am in control of my life. I love who I am. I am ethical and trustworthy. I am ambitious and communicable.  In other words,  ‘Black Don’t Crack’, so you can have your 20s. I’ll enjoy my 30s and look forward to being in my 40s.

Words of Wisdom: “A girl wants attention;  a woman wants respect. A girl wants to be adored by many. A woman wants to be adored my one.” -Anonymous

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