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A mastermind in using her gift of empowerment and creativity, author and entrepreneur, Glenys Clarice’s bright

spirit is the key to her gift of inspiration; a gift she shares openly with others. Glenys”…is a first-class professional

that knows what to say and how to say it to make a difference in people’s lives,” says one business associate.

Glenys’ love for helping others to realize and reach their full potential stems from her grade school years of

impressing with her gift of communication educators who voiced she held something special in her ability to inspire

with her sincere interest in wanting to help others see what she saw in them. Always offering words that not only

empowered, but motivated those she came in contact with, Glenys’ purpose in life was long realized by those

around her before she knew it herself. It came naturally and from the heart and from there her passion to help

empower and change lives blossomed.

She is the author of two self-published self-help books, “The Spiritual Diva: Ten Principles for Becoming Faithful

Fierce and Fabulous” and “Living Fabulous: Practical Principles for the Woman on the Go.” Currently, she is working

on her third book, “Love Thinking: 356 Affirmations for Loving Yourself and Others.”

Creating an organization and a community where women of all nationalities and backgrounds can come together in

support of one another has long since been a desire of Glenys and believing there is perfect timing for everything,

she dedicated herself to the movement and set out to make it happen. And Ms. B. More was born. The movement

empowers women through retreats, dinner parties, seminars, community service, conferences and more. Learn

more about Glenys and the inspiration behind Ms. B. More below:

What inspired you to create Ms. B. More?

The concept for Ms. B. More came to me a few years ago. I wrote it down and

decided to let the idea sit for a while because I had a few other things I

was working on. I knew I wanted Ms. B. More to reflect women’s empowerment,

but wasn’t sure at the time how I was going to do it. Well, fast forward to

2014, and I felt now would be the perfect time to move forward in building

this movement with a mission of creating a community of unity among women.

This will be accomplished through conferences, retreats, dinner parties,

award ceremonies, weekly power calls, Ms. B. More University, luncheons,

and so much more!

Can you talk a little about the inspiration behind the name of your site?

The name Ms. B. More reflects a woman who wants more for herself, she wants

to BE more than who she is by obtaining the promises of God. We have been

promised a life of abundance in all things, and Ms. B. More is a woman on a

mission to have all that she visualizes for herself. Ms. B. More believes

she is deserving and worthy of all that life has to offer.

How did you become interested in empowering and inspiring women?

Honestly, I believe I was born to serve in this way because it’s something

that I do without realizing it. I have always been that person who always

gave advice or a listening ear, and it just comes naturally for me. I have a

passion for showing others what I see in them and helping them to see how

bright their light is. So often we let our circumstances or others’ opinions

of who we should be hinder us, and as a result, we become stuck and afraid to

move towards the life we were placed here to live. But once we realize our

own power and see ourselves the way God does, then we have all that we need

to live the lives we dream of. I’m just a vessel that God uses to help

others see that.

What do you hope people take away from the site?

First and foremost, I hope women become excited about this movement and

what’s to come. I would like for women to engage themselves and connect

with other women by taking part in the forums as well as become inspired by

the blog posts, or empowered by the women profiled, and allowing their

personal stories to fuel their passion for living the life of their dreams

and blazing a trail all of their own. This is just the beginning because I

have plans of launching Ms. B. More TV and creating a social media website,

bringing together that unity of community. So there is so much more to

come. Overall, I want people to see that this is the start of something

amazing, and I want them to be a part of it.

Why do you think a site and movement like Ms. B. More is important?

To put it simply, because we need each other. We are all individuals, but

we all are connected; and that holds a responsibility of showing that no

matter what, we can be there for each other to support, encourage, uplift,

and motivate the next woman to reach for all that her heart and hands can hold.

So many women have a mindset of to each his own, not wanting to help the

next woman along on her journey because of intimidation. But once we

realize that God made the universe and owns everything in it, there is more

than enough to go around, and there is power in numbers. We should not stand

divided, but stand united. In addition to Ms. B. More, I will be launching

Little Miss B. More, which will empower our little leaders of tomorrow. The

next generation needs us because they are so influenced by what they see. So

it’s important to provide young girls with the right examples that will

show them that they are unstoppable. Little Miss B. More will offer charm

and etiquette classes, health and fitness, empowerment, girl talk events,

field trips, you name it! My plans for Little Miss B. More is to provide

young girls with the tools they need to become amazing, successful women.

What advice do you have for women who are ready to be something more?

Trust yourself, trust the timing of your life, trust your journey, and most

importantly, trust God and allow everything to unfold in your life as it

should. Believe in yourself and your ability to get the job done, because if

God gave you the vision, He already made provision for you to have what you

desire. Keep your focus and understand that everything takes time, but if

you chip away at your goals daily, they will begin to take shape, and before

long, everything you’ve imagined for your life will begin to manifest before


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