Debunking Diet Myths

EatFlickrI’d like to start my diet myths with the biggest myth of all: people who think they’re eating healthy, but haven’t actually educated themselves on how to eat healthy. It is an absolutely true statement that “abs are made in the kitchen”, you can workout as much as you want but you wont see results unless you eat healthy. One of the most, if not thee most, important tip you must know when it comes to dieting is, in order to lose weight, be fit, or be healthy whatever your reason for dieting is, you must eat. Not eating is not an effective weight loss method and is extremely bad for your health. Your body needs food for fuel and function!

1. I’m eating a salad so I’m eating healthy right? MYTH

Don’t let the word “salad” confuse you, not all salads are healthy! Here are some things to consider; dressing, toppings, and ratios. If you’re eating a salad you must be very conscientious about your choice of dressing and toppings. Avoid dressings such as Ranch, Blue Cheese, Thousand Island, even House Italian, these type of dressings are very fattening! Try dressings that are olive oil based, like vinaigrettes, to reduce calorie and fat count. When it comes to toppings avoid fattening toppings like breaded chicken, cheese, croutons, and bacon bits. Also, another thing to consider is the type of lettuce you use, the greener the better for you so choose lettuces like spinach rather than iceberg.

2. Avoid carbs at all cost. MYTH *sigh of relief*.

Let’s be honest, we all love pasta and hearing that pasta was the root of all weight gain was probably the most depressing thing one can hear. But i’m here to tell you that when it comes to pasta you CAN still have pasta just be smart about it. When choosing to eat pasta keep in mind a few things, portion, toppings, sauces, and type. Keep your portions of pasta small, incorporate healthy toppings like vegetables or grilled meats, keep your sauces light (nothing creamy), and choose whole wheat  or whole grain pasta.

3. Fad diets will help you lose weight faster.  MYTH

Keep in mind if you’ve been eating poorly most of your life, it takes a while to undo your past diet’s effect on your body. Always remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day.

4. “Low Fat” and “Fat free” = healthy. MYTH

Learning to read nutrition labels is a really important skill to learn. We have all fell, at one point or another, for the “low fat” or “fat free” label thinking that we’re choosing the healthy choice. When choosing a fat free or low fat option you must play it smart and read the nutrition label because a lot of these options might be low in fat but will be high in calories or high in unhealthy alternative ingredients.

5. Diet drinks are good alternatives to food and promote weight loss? MYTH

First let me start by saying there is nothing satisfying about drinking a diet shake that “guarantees” you’ll be full. Diet drinks like sodas, juices, and shakes all have one thing in common, their unpredictable nutrition. What some diet drinks lack, some others make up for. For instance, diet sodas may be low in calories but high in sugar or artificial ingredients. The danger of diet drinks is that because they’re not satisfying over eating happens to compensate and a lot of drinks are high in sugar which lead to weight gain. My best advice? To avoid all confusion, stick to water, it’s the best for you!

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