Wednesday Wonder Woman: Jerica Parker

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     Today’s Wonder Woman is Jerica Parker, an IDLife consultant. Though she had always been aware of her health because her mother was a champion all natural women’s bodybuilder, it wasn’t until she began having knee and weight problems of her own that she really became health conscious. She realized how health and weight effected not only one’s body but their spirit and self esteem as well. 

     “I joined because I take Adderall and a couple other medicines for ADHD and anxiety. I went to pick up a prescription, and I had my grocery basket with me. When I placed it down to pay the pharmacist looked in and said “you can’t eat that grapefruit, and you can’t take that vitamin with these pills. It could cause a reaction in your body called ” toxic liver ” and it could kill you!” I realized at that moment, I really had no idea what supplements I could and couldn’t take, so I was literally playing a game of chance every time I stood in the vitamin isle.” Parker shares and went on to say, “So I was telling this story to a friend because I was a little shaken up, and she told me about IDLife (ID = Individual) and how you complete a 100% private HIPPA certified questionnaire, answering questions about your lifestyle, eating habits, and most importantly medical conditions and medicines you are on.”

       With the information IDLife collects about each individual, it then offers personalized nutrition plans, weight management products, and restorative products that helps your body to balance. IDLife removes vitamins/supplements that conflict with any medicines and conditions ( IE: If you smoke – it removes Beta Carotene – because you shouldn’t take it if you smoke ) and once it removes what conflicts, it adds the things that your body might be short on because of the medicines and conditions. 

      “I am now an IDLife person for life – I have tons or energy and am sleeping through the night and most importantly it has taken any guessing and stress work out of reading all the labels in the vitamins isles and hoping that this one is OK,” Parker says. 

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      Parker suggests these products to people because IDLife knows no two people are the same, so it’s individualized plans are more efficient. She has seen many testimonies of people having life changing experiences. “I have tried every product out there and this is the first I believe in enough to share with others – and it comes with a 30 day 100% money back guarantee – so at the least if you are unsatisfied you are not stuck with the products – and at the most if you are satisfied ..   just imagine all the possibilities – health wise, self esteem wise, and  possibly financially if you believe in this enough to share with others,” she says.   

Parker shared these words of wisdom for our followers as we wrapped up, “No matter how many times anyone has told you or made you feel differently you are amazing. No matter how many times you have tried and failed you can and will succeed. Do yourself a favor if you have recently said, “I can’t do this I quit, ” – try one more time. Believe in YOU, Love YOU, and fight for YOU – and YOU will not fail!”

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