On The Line with Shar Bates

Maybe it’s the fact that she’s a radio host and I’m a writer, but I enjoy talking with Shar Bates so much that we had her back again, this time as our gogetta so she can tell us more about her own business. Bates is the host of The Shar Bates Show along with her co-host Sam Summer on 1100AM in Atlanta and several mobile and internet apps.
If you have not heard the show, they discuss real life issues mixed with comedic banter. Bates describes it as a mix between Oprah and “In Living Color”.We really tread the line. You never know what’s going to come out of my mouth. I love the shock value factor. We do like the TMZ thing. We all meet, my cohost, my street team manager, my intern. We all come together and we go over the last show and what we liked about it, what everybody didn’t like. We come up with what’s going on. We try to do it as a relatable as possible to the mass majority of people. I try to get audiences between 21 and 35. With that age group, 21 through 35, that’s that “it” crowd, but we’re 30 so we’re getting to that point. We’ll be ratchet, but we have to be sophisticated ratchet, so I have to do things where it’s still interesting enough for 22 year old to listen to, but not too ratchet to where that 33 year old isn’t going to be like, “Aight, aight, aight.”

To read full interview, purchase your copy of our July/August issue at http://www.magcloud.com/browse/issue/784036?__r=135119.”


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