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Wow, these young ladies are all grown up. We enjoyed speaking with the OMG Girlz ( Babydoll, Beauty, and Star) last week. They have a mature mentality to match their new look as well. Check out what they had to say.

Can you tell us a little about your album, #TheTransformation?

Beauty:The album name is actually not The Transformation. It’s been in a lot of the blog write ups and I think that is where a lot of the confusion comes in at, but #TheTransformation is really us coming into being young women. The sound is much more mature. 

Babydoll: When it comes to our album, we’re still working on it. We’re older now, more mature, so we just want to take our time on it, because timing is everything, and we want it be perfect. We want it to be just right when we put it out. We don’t have a date yet, but we will let the world know. 


How has your following embraced your new work? 

Star: I think they have enjoyed seeing us grow up and being able to be there with us, because they’ve been there. They’ve been with us since we were twelve. I think they just really enjoy seeing our voice mature and having the whole experience with us. 


Do you all believe that you have tapped into a new market?

Beauty: I feel like we have definitely tapped into the older audience, because it’s a Jagged Edge remake, so we’re not only appealing to our core audience. We can appeal to people our age and older, because they know the song. I think we’re definitely getting a good response from people our age and those older than us from being on Twitter and Instagram. Everyone is saying they really didn’t expect this type of sound from us. They didn’t even really think that -you know, we could even really sing, and now we are singing. The response from the older crowd, has just been great. I think we’re definitely getting the attention of the older crowd, which is definitely what we want.


How do you all manage to stay together as a group?

Babydoll: The thing that contributes to us staying together is we know each other very well. We hang around each other. We keep the bond close. Plus Beauty and Star grew up with each other. They’ve known each other their whole lives. Just us three as a group- we comfort each other even when we’re not together. When we work together, we blend very well, because we have three different personalities, but it’s three different personalities that blend well together. It’s just great that God has placed us together and just a product of it. 


What personal obstacles have each you had to overcome trying to balance the industry, your personal life, and growing into yourselves?

Beauty: I definitely think that each of us has had a personal obstacle being in the industry, because we started out so young, so we learned a lot about the industry, just people period, and life at such an early age. I think that personally for me, one of my biggest problems was seeing who is really there for me and who is not. In this industry you meet a lot of people; some who do really have your best interest at heart, and some who don’t, and I think that was just something internally I had to deal with, because you know, you just always think everyone is so genuine when you first meet them. It just sucks to have to go through that. 

Star: I would say, when it comes to the bad comments and stuff like that, I feel like it was a hard thing to endure. It was a challenge, but I feel like now we’re getting older and you realize that people are going to hate either way it goes, so you really can’t focus on that. You have to continue to do what you do.

Babydoll: I think the hardest thing I have had to experience being in the entertainment business is being away from my family, but it’s great that I have another family, you know, the girls, to take the place of it. 


How would you describe your swagher?

Beauty: I have my own personal style. I guess I’m the one in the group who really marches by the beat of my own drum. I say whatever I feel, and I feel like my style is kind of whatever I want to wear at the time. It depends on how I’m feeling for the day. I’m really outspoken. I’m funny. I like to make the girls laugh and our team laugh. It makes everybody have a good time when they’re around us. I’m definitely the funny, crazy one who is always breaking the rules and whatnot.


Star: I’m pretty much just too chill for my own good. My style is really comfortable I would say. I just wear whatever I feel comfortable in and know that I look good in. I really put anything together, but it usually comes out ok. I’m pretty random also. 


Babydoll: Offstage, I would say chill and kinda quiet and, you know, I stick to the girls or myself. On stage, I’m very animated, energetic, like the hype person. I get the crowd going. I keep it hype. My style is more like, you know, what the girls say, we do what we do. Mostly I’ll dress up in tomboy stuff, but I’ll go between tom and a little dress up here and there. 

The girls did a mini tour in Chicago, Houston, and D.C. this past weekend along with Mindless Behavior, Bow Wow, Chad B., and 4EY.

Check out a snippet of their single, “Boy It’s Over”, a remake to Jagged Edge’s “Girl It’s Over”


And if you would like to hear the whole, here’s the iTunes link, for purchasing:

Interview by @FancySwagHer

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