Wednesday Wonder Woman: Nicole Austin




Nicole Austin is the owner Purest Academy for Kids, Inc a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization that primarily focuses on early childhood education, and today she is our Wonder Woman. 

Purest Academy’s for Kids, Inc’s was founded this year with a mission to promote overall educational growth and development for children ranging from six weeks to six year of age, by providing quality and affordable childcare.  

“My husband used to play professional football and once he no longer played in the NFL, our family had to live on our savings for over a year. During this time, many things changed. One being the placement of our little girl in a preschool. We found an affordable school but we realized our daughter was not receiving the appropriate educational foundation. One day she actually asked when she was going to another school because she was a “big girl now.”  She was tired of cutting and pasting all day. She wanted to learn to read. I took time with her at home and she began reading small books within a week or two. I noticed that all of the quality programs were too expensive.  We established PUREST Academy for Kids, Inc in February 2014 with the mission of providing children with the tools they need to thrive at prices that are affordable to everyone,” Austin explains as the reason for starting her organization. 

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The program’s goal is to produce several licensed preschool locations that focus on equipping children with the appropriate fundamental knowledge. Each preschool will first become licensed through the State of California before beginning child enrollment into the program. The schools will adhere to all licensing laws and regulations. The program will focus on building suitable programs according to each child’s individual needs.

“When my husband and I initially moved forward with establishing this program, we had quite a few people that did not really give us an opportunity. We kept our heads up, trusting God, and moved forward whether people did or did not seem interested in what we were doing. Do not get me wrong, we do have some GREAT SUPPORTERS behind us! We ran into a few road blocks because, I believe, people genuinely did not know whether they should take us seriously or not. In a way, I cannot blame them for being unsure of whether they should support us or not because there are lots of individuals that claim to be nonprofit organizations, but have hidden agendas and take advantage of people who are genuinely interested in trying to help. The more people to get to know us and truly see what it is that we are doing, the more we continue to gain supporters, and we greatly appreciate it!” Austin says. 

Austin wrapped up her interview with the following, “The best words of wisdom that I can ever give is to TRUST GOD, HAVE FAITH, and continue to strive towards the goal that He has placed on your heart.  If God gave you a vision, you FOLLOW IT NO MATTER WHAT! There will always be situations that arise that can be discouraging but never give up.”



IG: @nicole_austin_ , @PA4Kids


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