I Always Wanted to Be Somebody

There are many ventures in the world today that almost anyone can do. There are many venues that you can invest in whether it be money or time. Believe it or not some get rich quick schemes are real. There are plenty of dollars to be made.

When we are young, we have it set in our hearts that we will live a life full of this or that. We just know above all else we will not struggle. As adults, we lose a portion of that determination and drive but in the back of our minds we hold on to that glimpse of hope that what we believed to once be true still can be. Everybody wants to be somebody.

When you wake up in the morning, besides praying, what is the first thing you think of?

We work so hard striving to achieve our dreams, goals, and hopes, all with intent to prove ourselves, if not to someone else then ourselves, what we are made of, how tough we are, how strong we are, how determined we are, WHO we are. At the end of the day we are consumed with who looked at us or our works. We wonder if what we did impressed someone enough to possibly move up in life professionally or economically. We hope that we are just that much closer to finally making it. But what is making it? To give the illusion of a reached status to look better than the next person? Revenge? Power? Money?

Bottom line is everyone wants to be somebody but what’s wrong with being you? What’s wrong with being the somebody you are. I am not saying give up on your goals and dreams, I’m just saying if you never accept the somebody you are and if you dont become that somebody with the right intentions you will never be somebody. You will be SOME body. Some body that conformed to the you society wants you to be. Some body just drifting through life never really knowing who you are or what you want out of life. You will be an empty vessel with nothing to offer yourself much less anyone else.

Wake up knowing you are somebody and not just some body. Then pray and thank God for being somebody that He will use today.

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