Deodorant that won’t cause Cancer

If you haven’t just awoken from a cryogenically-induced slumber, then chances are you have heard the theory that aluminum-based antiperspirants and deodorants may increase your risk for breast cancer, but according to Ted S. Gansler MD, MBA, director of medical content for the American Cancer Society, in an e-mail interview for WebMD, he has not seen any convincing evidence that anti-perspirant or deodorant use increases your risk for cancer. However, the demand is steadily increasing for natural deodorants free of chemicals such as aluminum. With this in mind, I sought out to test an all natural deodorant and see how it compared to my regular anti-perspirant deodorant.
For my product review, I purchased Vitae Deodorant Spray  via It is on sale for $17.95 for a 4.46 fl oz bottle, one clear downside. If you can find this product for cheaper somewhere else please let me know at:
After a few uses of Vitae’s patchouli, lavender, spanish sage, and tea tree oil scented spray, I have concluded it works just as well as my regular deodorant in the keeping me smelling fresh all day long in the sweltering summer heat department in fact I actually liked the smell of my Vitae deodorant better. There is also the added bonus of Vitae being hypoallergenic, but if you need a deodorant with anti-perspirant then Vitae is not for you. Overall, I would give Vitae deodorant spray a 4 out of 5 due to the price being so steep.

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