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SwagHer Magazine’s Bria Davenport talks with New Orleans upcoming R&B artist, Neyah Sohle, on her music and soon to be released album, “The ReInvention”.

Bria: How long have you been singing?

Neyah: I think I have been singing since the day I was conceived. Sort of like I’m the offspring of the perfect song. Just kidding, I have been singing all of my life, but I have only been singing professionally for about five years.  I guest it’s the normal cliché of, “I started in the church as a kid and grew into a profession of entertainment.” 


Bria: So what can you tell us about your upcoming album, “The ReInvention”?


 Neyah:“The ReInvention”is based on my constant growth in music and entertainment. I found that in life you have to constantly reinvent yourself in order the adapt, but that caused me to change who I was. That was not an option, so I had to reconstruct my outlook on things. With this came the idea of changing the world of music to adapt to me. This is my reinvention of R&B, my reinventing how fans listen to and pick their favorite artist, how I am attempting to reinvent the image of the black female artist in this industry. This album is the blueprint of the reconstruction of music….or as I say “The ReInvention”.

Bria: What inspires your music?

Neyah: My music is inspired by situations. In life every situation has a melodic structure that can be interpreted in song. Good situations, Bad situations, Love based situations, and just everyday life situations are all worthy to be sung about. I allow what God gives us daily to be the foundation of my music…. Life.

Bria: What do you think you bring to the R&B music genre?

Neyah: I bring a new needed element that was once there, but left for a while. I bring a perfectly mixed gumbo of all the quality elements missing from R&B. Creative lyrical content, live productions, soulful vocal displays, heart felt emotional concepts, and some good ole “feel good music.” My image will show young ladies coming behind me that you can be sexy in a self-respectful way. I will also show that you can be yourself, now days so many young ladies lose sight of who they are by trying their hardest to be someone they are not. I will restore morals back into the music industry that the media has stripped away. You can be happy in your own skin without questioning your identity.

Bria: What feeling do you hope your listeners have when they listen to your music?

NeyahWhen listeners hear my music I want them to feel a sense of escape. I want my music to give them a sense of joy within their reality. I want them to feel good about everything in their life, whether good or bad. Let my music be their first-class flight away from all grief, stress, pain, disappointment, etc. Also let it be the soundtrack of their happiness, love, success, joy, romance, and every other great thing you can think of. I want them to be connected to every word, every note, every drumbeat, and every piano or guitar chord, just everything involved in my songs so that they can experience a mental, spiritual, and emotional marriage to my art.

Bria: What artist in the music industry do you look up to?


Neyah: There are so many great artists past and present that I look up to. I am a fan of artist like Chaka Khan, Diana Ross, Aretha Franklin, Etta James, and Whitney Houston. I also look up to liberated artists like Erykha Badu, Mary J, Lauryn Hill, Jill Scott, and Fantasia just to name a few.

Bria: Where do you see yourself in the next 5-7 years?


Neyah: In the next 5-7 years I see myself still growing. I was told that when you stop growing you have stopped living. I see myself growing into a stronger artist, a stronger person with stronger faith. I also see myself getting into the production side of music a little more, I also see myself venturing off into other areas of entertainment such as acting.

Bria: What quote do you live your life by?

Neyah: I live by 2 quotes. The first is, “Live your life in Color.” Every aspect of life has its own special distinctive hue that if the eyes can’t recognize it then the heart can. If you live in Black and White, those hues aren’t present and the essences of those aspects are absent. My second quote is, “Thank God for the good and the bad. The good is a blessing and the bad is a lesson.” That one is self-explanatory.

 Bria: Anything you would like to leave for the readers of SwagHer?

Neyah: I leave your readers with this; give my music a chance to be your therapy. Let the sounds of my heart be amplified in your thoughts, let me inject interludes of emotion into your veins and intoxicate your spirit with joyful melodies. Let me poetically penetrate preoccupied metal positions and propel your happiness into undiscovered dimensions. For lack of better words… give my music a shot and I guarantee you will enjoy it. Thanks, Neyah Sohle. My new album will release on August 16, 2014. Grab you and your friends a few copies!!! 






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