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Ashley Kimbrae is a BET Music Matters artist hailing from Dallas, Texas. She was a semifinalist on the CW’s network music competition “The Next: Fame Is At Your Doorstep”. You all also may know her from her 2010 single, “Drop 64”.

Fancy: How did becoming a BET’s Music Matters artist change your career?

Ashley Kimbrae: It definitely put me in a completely different element. It really just skyrocketed into a lot of different things, because they do support so hard and so great that it put me in a new pocket of music. As a newcomer, it kind of help me set the bar for my city and set the bar for myself, as well, and how great I want to be. Because seeing how it changed the other Music Matters artists and seeing how successful they are, it makes you want to work harder. I think being able to be on 106 & Park and on their website, being on different tours-just everything that they are able to do to announce this album has just been really incredible, and people have been able to hear my music on a national scale. 

Fancy: Can you tell us a little about “The Process”?

Ashley Kimbrae: “The Process” is my new EP coming out. It talks about the process of love and relationships, the ups and downs, and really I’m talking about the process of my musical journey. I just put it in the form of love and relationships, so I want everybody to be able to understand it, and understand that you are going through different things. There are different goals you are trying to meet, and it is like a relationship, falling in and out of love. You have your hard times, and you have your good times. 

Fancy: What issues or other artists inspire your music?

Ashley Kimbrae: I think as far as issues go, it would just be life. You know relationships, whether they are friendships or relationship like with boyfriends and girlfriends- whatever it is that you are going through. That really inspires me with my music with what I’m trying to talk about and what means a lot to me. As far artists, I would say a lot of artists. I like a lot of artists. I like a lot of different sounds. I’m a huge Brandi fan. Of course I love Beyonce, but I like a lot of old school too, like I’m a huge Aaliyah fan, Whitney Houston, Mariah, all the greats. I listen to a lot of things, and I try to find what it is that I like. I really hear different things in all of their music, and I can create what I’m trying to do.

Fancy: What obstacles have you had to overcome in the music industry?

Ashley Kimbrae: Really just trying to get people to hear me and understand, really just trying to get through those doors. I’ve been through a lot of ups and downs. The biggest thing to happen to kinda push things off the ground was when I was on the tv show, “The Next”.  Everybody got to see (and say) ok, she can actually sing, and she is actually true to who she is, and what she’s trying to do. It’s really just trying to make people believe. It’s a lot of talented people out there, so that’s probably the biggest obstacle I’ve had to go through just to get music in the right hands and find the right opportunities. 


Fancy: How would you describe your swagher?

Ashley Kimbrae: I have all brothers, so I used to have a kinda tomboyish style, but still kinda cute tomboy. During the day, you may catch me in some cute, ripped jeans and a nice shirt or maybe shorts. It’s hot in Texas, so most likely I’ll have on shorts so I don’t fall out. Sometimes, I’ll really really, turn it on. I love style. I love like the classic chic, but still kind of tailor it like in my own way, kinda like the Kim K look. You know how she can just be in jeans, a fitted shirt, and some heels? That’s how you will see me if I have something to do, chic, classic, and I’ll have my long straight hair. Sometimes I may throw on a hat. 

Fancy: What are some things you hope to do in the future as an artist?

Ashley Kimbrae: As an artist, I hope that by the top of the year have an album out with great numbers and great sales. I want to be able to tour, definitely want to tour. I think touring is very major in your career, just to get a solid fan base and get people to know who you are. Of course, I hope to one day have that Grammy. I think that’s every artist’s dream. I just want to be a well around, great artist and the people just love me for who I am and truly love my music. 

Fancy: What projects are you currently working on?

Ashley Kimbrae: Right now I’m working on “The Process”. I recently released a single with Brian Angel of Day 26 entitled, “With You”. You know the BET Music Matters album is out right now, so I’m really pushing that album. It came out yesterday (June 23rd). Go out and support. There’s some great talent on that album. Those are the two major things for me right now. 

Fancy: What words of inspiration would you like to leave with our viewers?

Ashley Kimbrae: I would say never give up on your dreams regardless of how you get, because you want to be able to sleep well at night and you don’t want to live your life always wondering what if-you know, what if I would’ve went one more day? What if I would’ve tried something else? Don’t ever give up and continue to work towards your dreams, and eventually they will happen. 

Check out Kimbrae’s single with  Brian Angel, “With You”. It will also be included on her EP.


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