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If you watched Love & Hip Hop Atlanta last week, you may remember the song “Celebrate” playing as Rasheeda and her friends were walking through the club in New Orleans. If not, it’s cool. We have it posted below, but we are honored to have artist, BriaMarie, of Ethical Music Entertainment as our first Music Monday feature.

Known affectionately as “Fresh Princess” BriaMarie began performing early mimicking legends like Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey, and Prince, so she not only raps, but also sings and dances. The Maryland native’s singles “IDK” and “Celebrate have been featured on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, and her single “Bye Boy” has been featured on Bria Maria is a media, business, and entrepreneurship graduate of Temple University.

Fancy: What is the meaning behind the song celebrate, like what inspired it?

Bria: Celebrate is an ode to the side chicks, just to sum it up quickly. It stems from me having issues in high school with one of the girls on the cheerleading squad and her pretending to be one of my big sisters, while she was actually trying to ease her way into my relationship with the guy that I was dating. It’s basically a song about respect. It’s respect, but it’s killing the side chick with kindness, lol!

Fancy: How did your single “Celebrate” come about being featured on L&HH Atlanta?

Bria: The first time I was on the show was a couple of weeks before graduation, so that was God’s early graduation present. Carvin was talking with someone at Love & Hip Hop, and when I got the email saying Bria Marie’s “IDK” would be on LAHH, I was like “Whhaaat?” It just kind of dropped out of nowhere and was a complete blessing. Then about a month after “IDK” was on there, the “Celebrate” single was on there. It’s really cool, because people say what they want about LAHH, but I definitely appreciate them supporting positive music, because they did not put just one. They put two of my songs on there, and I really appreciate that. If you listen to the feature songs every episode, a lot of the music is good music, so I appreciate them supporting good music and promoting it.

Fancy: Which artists that you would like to work with in the future?

Bria: That’s a hard question because it changes from time to time, but an artist that I would like to do a live performance with is Taylor Swift. It sounds odd. She’s country, and I am clearly not country, but this girl has so much fun at performances, and I love how theatrical they are. Her fans are so cool! That’s someone I would love to do a performance with. How would you describe your swagher? I am such a nerd. If somebody were to ask me about having swag, I would probably say I don’t have any, lol! I am such a nerd. I don’t know…. I like to be me. Growing up I used to have glasses and big curly hair. I might have gotten contacts and straightened my hair but I’m still a goofy, fun loving nerd.

Fancy: I noticed you are quite the activist, tending to speak on bullying, volunteering with the homeless and even releasing the EP “Proud to Be An American” to pair with the Rock the Vote campaign. Do you feel that you are obligated to be a role model because you are an entertainer?

Bria: I think that whenever you put anything out, whenever you expose yourself to people you become a role model. Whether you want to be or don’t, it’s your choice whether you are responsible or not. One thing that really made me realize is when I did my very first demo. I remember playing some of my demo songs for my family- like my mom, my aunt, and my grandma. There was one song where I said the “a” word in it. I wasn’t saying it like cursing someone out but I said the “a” word. My family didn’t say anything but I realized my baby cousin ran upstairs, and I didn’t know why. A little while afterwards, my aunt told me that she (my cousins) ran upstairs and was crying, because I had cursed. There were other situations, but I will never forget that. Once I came to Ethical Music I sat down with Carvin Haggins, my producer and owner of Ethical, he kind of showed me that you don’t have to make music this way. Everyone else needs cursing and so on, but you don’t have to, and I remember my cousin and her crying, and I would never want that to happen again, so me being a positive image for someone like my cousin is very important.

Fancy: What projects are you currently working on?

Bria: Right now we’re doing live performances. I love preparing for live performances. I can sit and launch tours all day. This week we’re doing a Black Girls Rock Hard Show in Philly, so there’s a lot of Philly female artists and some from the DMV. We have a perform for LeSean McCoy’s foundation in July, and a couple of more performances.

Watch Bria Marie’s “Celebrate” video here and support it on iTunes.


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