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Lindsey Walker always thought she wanted to be a journalist but when she was first exposed to public relations during a minority journalism workshop, she immediately decided PR was the route she wanted to take. She’s worked in the field for four years and has had her firm for almost two years. She’s is the author of “Get Your Brand Right.” 

“I just felt like there are so many books dealing with pr, dealing with business, just explaining how to start your business or explaining the fundamentals of public relations, but I think there isn’t one that speaks specifically to entrepreneurs and the things that they can do on their own, so I kind of wanted to be that voice,” Walker explains as the reason for writing her book.  Though “Get Your Brand Right” is short and to the point, in the future, Walker plans to offer classes and workbooks for those trying to develop their brand. 

“I literally speak to entrepreneurs and college students that are maybe thinking about being an entrepreneur and kind of give them tools and tips on how to build their brand and invest in themselves, I give encouragement as well,” she says.

Two areas where Walker believes most businesses and artists go wrong are patience and investing. Either they believe that they have such an amazing product that everyone is going to fall in love with their product and do not realize that it takes time or they do not want to invest in their business. They do not want to invest in a good website or get great graphics designers to do their graphics or book cover correctly. Sometimes business owners and artists are not educated enough financially to know what is needed to invest in themselves. 

Walker attributes persistence and knowing what she wants to her own success thus far. She says you can’t take no and you must keep the faith and not give up. Her recent  move to Atlanta has also given her a push, because she says the mindset of those around her is so inspiring. She also admitted that working her business full time also keeps her motivated, because she has to focus and use her time wisely. 

What brands would she like to work with in the future? “I have to say I am a fan, and I would love work with August Alsina. I think that he is a very humble individual and he’s very talented. I also would love, love, love, love to work with Jasmine Sullivan. I know that she’s coming out with a new album, and I think that she is talented as well. I honestly think- and this is just my opinion, but I think that she is so talented, and I loved the first album that she had, but it didn’t do as well as I thought that it would. I felt like a part of it was because her pr or other machine behind her did not push it as well as it needed to be pushed. 

Walker will be collaborating with other publicists and plans to continue to grow her business, as that is the focus for this year. 

Walker left us with these words of encouragement for our viewers, “Always, always have confidence in yourself and believe in yourself. Anything you want to accomplish you can accomplish, and anything you want to achieve you truly can achieve. Sometimes you have to have tunnel vision. Sometimes you have to turn your phone off and focus on the work at hand. Stay true to your vision and destiny.” 

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