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Every year in America, there are approximately 800,000 children that come in contact with the foster care system. Only 54% of these children go on to get high school diploma. Worse than that, no more than 2% of those in foster care ever obtain a Bachelor’s degree. These statistics depict a drab picture of the respective futures of those unfortunate enough to be placed in our country’s foster system.

There is a 30% chance that during your life you will be involved in a serious car crash. This means that these children have a greater chance of getting injured in a wreck than actually acquiring a college degree.

So how is it that Meiko Taylor, who spent some time in foster care as a child, proves to be a statistical anomaly?

Foster care kids don’t get a degree in Psychology from the private and prestige Loyola University Chicago, but Meiko did.

Foster care kids don’t spend years working in the upper echelon of corporate America, but Meiko did.

Most of all, foster care kids don’t move to Los Angeles to launch a successful film production company, but Meiko did.

meiko taylor

There is text on her website that reads, only one Meiko.

This is statement is infinitely true.

Producer, director, and actress she would be Hollywood’s most gifted triple threat. However, this treble talent, also possess a hidden faculty, she can write too. Although, she would be the last person to label herself as a writer, according to IMDB she has three writing credits on films that she also acted in, directed, and produced.

While most minorities in Hollywood barely have the opportunity to do one of these things. Meiko does all four in an admirable effort teeming with SwagHer. There is only one Meiko.

While most filmmakers are greedily pursing scripts that they believe will be vapidly wonderful billion dollar blockbusters, Meiko is busy creating films that truthfully tell the untold stories of foster care, drug addiction, and infidelity all chronicled from the rarely seen African-American perspective. There is only one Meiko.

While most actresses are obsessed with getting any role, even if that means being drug dealer’s girlfriend #1, Meiko is off portraying multi-dimensional characters bursting with a thought-provoking fusion of drama and depth. There is only one Meiko.

While most directors are being directed by their desire for the almighty dollar, Meiko being directed by the true Almighty. There is only one Meiko.

Alas, it is unequivocally unfortunate that there is only one Meiko Taylor in this world. Just imagine how the film industry would be turned on its head if the Hollywood Hills were invaded by an army of Meikos.

The only hope that we have is that perhaps she is sharing her talents with the unprivileged youth she volunteers with, and with any luck they are absorbing every piece. So while we can’t have an army of Meikos, we can get the next best thing, an army of awesome children trained and inspired by Meiko.

If you still can’t get enough of Meiko Taylor, be on the lookout for her next short film, The Reason, a gripping drama depicting the unlikely passion that arises between a young drug dealer and the ambitious daughter of a drug addict.

She gave the following statement about her new film:

The Reason, a movie created to inspire our young generation. In the movie Eve, an ambitious high school track star, helps a young foster kid who is going down the wrong path, change his life for the better. Our message is that it is not how you start in life, you have to power within you to determine how you are going to finish.
In addition to spreading a positive message, we are helping create tangible change in the community by donating a portion of our production budget to the Godparents Youth Organization, which was also featured in the LA Times. We are supporting their efforts to send inner city youth on cross country college tours as a means to inspire then to think beyond the often impoverished neighborhoods they may live in and know there are other possibilities.

the reason poster

We are looking for assistance in spreading the word about our film and our crowd funding campaign, which is currently open for donations.
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By: Jaime Blanson

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