From the Desk of a Diva: 4 Signs of a Bad Leader

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While preparing to go in to work early today, my thoughts went here as I thought about why I was dreading going in. We often talk about the good signs of situations, but what about the bad? So here are four signs of a bad leader.

  1. Inconsistency-  “Practice what you preach.” A great leader is one whose actions aligns with their words. They do not just talk of the greatness to come but acts to bring them about. If your actions do not align with your words or you are constantly changing scenarios or tasks, something is wrong. Your vision is not any clearer to others as it is to you.
  2. Close Minded- When in the spotlight, one must be open to criticism, and not just open  to it as far as listening, but open to considering acting upon it. If everything is, “I say”, “I want” then are you setting a stage for a full band or a solo? A leader must have others to follow, otherwise who are you leading?
  3. Non- accessible- Many seem to think it is better to have a go between person, and that makes sense once a company or organization reaches a certain size. That does not make sense when it is only four of you all in a building. Instead it makes others feel as if they are too below you or either too stupid to be in your presence. This also applies to time, if you never have time to train your people properly and show them what your expectations are, what right looks like, you surely cannot have high expectations of their work being equivalent to yours.
  4. No interest- This is not the same as being close minded. A great leader knows their team. They know what they are passionate about and what drive them. If you never take any interest in those around you, then how will you know what pushes and inspires them to do their best?

I’m open to adding to this list. Send me your thoughts on Twitter at @FancySwagHer.

from the desk of a diva

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