Living the Fit Life

By: Francheska “Fancy” Felder
“My workouts were approved by my doctor. He asked what things I was doing before I got pregnant, and I told him. I was telling him how much I used to lift at the gym and how much I was squatting, and he told me that being that my body was already used to it, I could continue, but he was like the further you get along in your pregnancy, you may need to drop down in weight just a little bit, but it’s not a shock and it’s not a strain. If you notice when you look online you see women that do cross fit, and they’re picking up 100 lbs balls over their heads, dropping them, and doing pull ups. They’re doing all kinds of stuff. A lot of people look at us like we’re crazy, but it’s not like we just picked up a weight as soon as we found we were pregnant. This was something that our bodies were already used to, so it’s like it’s a no brainer. We build up a sweat from doing it,” Amos says.
If following her online, one can Laeann is looking good after having her baby. So how did she get back fit after pregnancy? “I’m still somewhat doing that. I had to go back to meal prepping, and what meal prepping is, is when you cook your food in advance for like three or four days to like a week in advance. You eat every two hours, but you have your food cooked, because it stops you from eating anything you don’t have any business eating. Before I got pregnant, I meal prepped up to five or six months, and then all of sudden- like I didn’t have any morning sickness or anything, but once I got to about five or six months, I could not stomach chicken anymore. I couldn’t stand to look at it, so I had to switch my eating routine towards the end of my pregnancy. Once I had my son, I immediately tried to go back to meal prepping, but my taste buds were still somewhat different. So instead of cooking my food in advance like I used to, I would cook like two and three pieces of fish. Then slowly, little by little, I would add things back into my diet as I got back use to them.
Exercising wise, you wouldn’t believe it, but last night I had my first long workout like how I used to do before I got pregnant. I worked out for an hour and 45 minutes yesterday. I did a workout video that was 30 minutes long, and then I went and ran three miles in my garage because I have a home gym. So I ran three miles in my garage, and then I did weights after that. That used to be my normal routine before I got pregnant. I’ve finally gotten my endurance back up to where I can do it. Before yesterday, I would work out maybe 20-30 minutes or I would just slide it in and do as much as I could, and little by little I worked my way back up. I couldn’t expect to be as I was before I got pregnant, because I had to work my way to that too,” she shares.
She went on to say, “By me staying fit during my pregnancy and watching different things that I ate, helped me a lot. My energy level never dropped throughout my whole pregnancy. I didn’t have any food cravings. I didn’t get any morning sickness, and my doctor said it was because I already had a well balanced diet. The majority of the foods I put in my body were packed with nutrition, vitamins, fibers, vitamin C, and things of that sort. It left no room for me to be sick, because I didn’t have any waste in my body.
Had I been eating fried chicken, I would have had morning sickness, because of the chemicals and grease, and those kind of things sitting on your stomach while your developing your body in fully. Your body is going to reject that, so if you don’t have it in your body, you won’t be sick.”
Though Amos is signed to La Femme Fatale Publishing which has many other hot names, she does not see the literary world as being as competitive as most seem to see it, because she’s in the health and fitness category. She feels that health and fitness is something everyone in the world could use.
Though she admits some things were handed to her, that does not discredit Laeann as being a gogetta. Because she started out in men’s magazines, Amos has never wanted anyone to say she got it because of her looks. Though she was already getting gigs and offers, Amos went to school to receive her bachelors in mass communications, so she could be more knowledgeable in the field. “Proving to people that I’m more than just a pretty face has been my biggest challenge. I had this vid where I did kind of like a little bit of hosting reel, and my radio and broadcasting were all tied in together. The message of it was called “Beauty is More Than Skin Deep”. The reason I started that is because a lot of my work was originally handed to me, because of my modeling. It was solely based on looks, but then once I started getting deep into it, I had to prove myself. Ok, I can get a job because my work is good, meaning education wise and everything. In this game, looks can only get you so far, so the thing that I had to overcome was proving to people that yes, I am a woman, but I hold many different titles, and I can get the job done,” Laeann says.
Besides being both a new author and mother and a model, Amos has her own entertainment company which produces her show, Access Vibe TV, and she is blogger, radio personality, and inspirational speaker. “Balancing being a mother honestly isn’t that hard. Plus being in the public’s eye, everyone is watching to see my results, how am I going to be post baby body, how am I going to bounce back post-baby. That actually helps with my whole brand, because yes my book is health and fitness, and being in radio, broadcasting and tv still, people are always asking how do you stay looking a certain type of way, being that you always have to be on camera and in the public’s eye, so that’s two. And then two, I have to use my voice to speak for all three of them, so it all works hand in hand,” Amos explains.
Amos has a pregnancy fitness DVD coming out soon, “Mommy’s Fit Pregnancy”, so she is tackling both sides of the experience, men and women can read the book she has now, and then women who are pregnant and want to get fit and workout, or women who have had babies and want to get in shape but don’t know how, can watch the dvd. She also has a clothing line coming out, and she’s still has her entertainment show, “Access Vibe TV” where she goes out and do interviews in Atlanta, though it was originally started in Miami.
Amos shared these tidbits of wisdom and inspiration before wrapping up our interview, “I feel like people are taking their time here on Earth for granted like tomorrow is promised, but if your health is not together, you are cutting your days shorter just from the things you are putting in your body. I like to stress to people to think about your families and loved ones. Don’t think about just yourself.
Don’t let anyone discourage you. If you feel that there’s something you want to do, keep doing it. The only thing you have to do is show people that you can. That may not respect in the beginning, but they will towards the middle. In the beginning, they may ask you why you are doing it, but in the end, they will ask you how you did it.”

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