Losing Your Own Battles

aggravated black woman

I hate to lose.

When things are going smooth, be weary.  There is always the great calm before the storm. I try my best not to put my business and issues out to the world with this blog, and I must say that I am doing a great job, but if only you guys and gals knew what goes on, you would wonder how I even manage to keep my composure.  But I do.

The biggest reason I do is because I know someone somewhere is sometimes encouraged by what I put out there so I vow to keep going. I will continue to put out positive vibes that I know will over power any negative thought or thing that may come my way. You can do that too.

It is very important that you remain focused and positive. When the enemy runs out of things to throw at you, he will began to bring up your past, the very things you tried so hard to overcome and move forward from. But that should tell you something… the only enemy is your mind. We fail oftentimes to condition our minds when it is the most powerful thing anyone could possess. There is something called inner peace that you must achieve before you can achieve success.

Take a moment at any point in your day to remind yourself that you are very much worth every effort that you put into your business, family, life, and self.

Not everyone is going to be for you. You must have a strong sense of self so that you can be the one there when needed. You can trust yourself not to fail you, but it all begins with the mind.

Wake up a few minutes early to read or meditate.

Stay strong. Stay motivated. Stay encouraged.


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