Stand Still & Know

Woman Dies In Sleep Two Days To Her Wedding

There are so many things coming at me at one time that I have to laugh.

Last night I dreamed that I was giving my testimony of life to a mass of people. Suddenly I found myself crying and caught up as some would say. I could feel my compassion even as I slept. I awoke to reality.
You woud be amazed at some of the things I go through in life on a daily basis.

When moving forward in life after finding faith in yourself and realizing your purpose in life you will come upon obstacles and trials you would never have imagined. but one thing you must know is it will be okay.

Every struggle and every pain you have gone through in life up until this very moment has prepared you with the strength to endure and the faith to overcome. Of course I am simply telling you something you were already aware of. That’s why you smiled inside when you read it.

See we are all one in the same striving to do better, to be better, so that we can reach back and help someone else.

No one’s prosperity ever stood on the heel of their own works but upon the helping hand or kindful words of another. We will make it.

Struggle doesn’t last always. In fact, struggle will last as long as you allow.  It is the battle of the mind that keeps you down not the world or the ex or the family, job, or friends.

I say often, struggle is a mindset not a destination. You were made to be great, so be great. Only you can change your surroundings. If you are not happy where you are, move. It’s just that simple. Do not ever think you cannot. Why can’t you? Who said you couldn’t? Then prove them wrong. Push until you get there. Believe until you get there. Trust until you get there but just get there. I know you will get there.

Don’t use your circumstances as a clutch. Use your circumstances as fuel to stand and say, “I made it.”
Be proud of yourself. Always be proud of yourself. Do not be discouraged or dismayed. Not by family. Not by friends. Not by self. I do know that sometimes it’s easier said than done. Not everyone is going to support your vision and not everyone is going to see your vision, but your vision is not for them to see nor to understand. Your vision is your blessing and yours alone.

Never lose faith. Never lose hope.


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